The Cast

Trevor Moore

At the age of 12, Trevor Moore became the world’s youngest published cartoonist with his book Scraps. At 16, he began writing weekly cartoons for several newspapers in his home state of Virginia.

Immediately after graduating high school, Trevor took a bus to LA to pursue stand-up comedy. At 19, Trevor signed a deal with a production company to write and produce The Trevor Moore Show (a weekly sketch comedy program) for some PAX-TV affiliates. Writing late night comedy for a family channel ended up being pretty tricky and after 11 months the show was cancelled due to offensive content.

Trevor then moved to New York and for the past five years he has worked as the head writer for “The Whitest Kids U Know.” He was also a staff comedy writer for several years at ImaginAsianTV (an Asian television network). He is afraid of dying.

Sam Brown

In his youth, Sam Brown was an active young man participating in many extracurricular activities. He took part in many organizations such as class office, football, the chess team, radio and maybe most importantly his local cable-access television station. That was where Sam and four of his friends started a show called “TV Galactica”. While they never aired a single one of the five episodes shot because they felt the episodes just weren’t good enough yet, the show sparked Sam’s interest in the visual medium. Following through with his passion, Sam enrolled at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where he met Trevor Moore and (fellow virgin) Zach Cregger in the Brooklyn dormitory where they all resided. It was in that first semester in college that they created the “Whitest Kids U’ Know”. Sam since then has graduated with a BFA in Film from SVA, and has served as Associate Producer at ImaginasianTV. He has had sex 9 times!

Zach Cregger

Zach Cregger was raised in Arlington, Virginia. He attended the School of Visual Arts, where me met the other Whitest Kids in a Brooklyn dormitory. As a child he was interested in music, acting and writing, and has been fortunate enough to pursue these interests in his adulthood. Zach Cregger has never been to the state of Idaho and has no interest in visiting there.

Timmy Williams

Originally from Watertown, South Dakota, Timmy moved to New York in late August, 2001 to attend film school. Timmy met Zach, Trevor and Sam on September 11 that year and joined the Whitest Kids U’ Know shortly thereafter. Aside from being a Whitest Kid full time, Timmy previously worked as an ice cream man and as a boss at some office in the Financial District. Timmy lives in Brooklyn with his cat Spaceship and some other dudes from South Dakota (they like to stick together).

Darren Trumeter

Darren is 26 years old and has been a member of the troupe for almost 3 years. He grew up a military brat, living in numerous cities around the country and even Germany for 4 years. He started acting at the age of 9 and has been in more than 40 plays. In 1999, Darren left Texas to pursue the writing and directing of film in New York City. While working on an independent film he met Zach Cregger and was invited to a “Whitest Kids” show. Darren was immediately intrigued and was determined to be a part of the troupe.



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