Go see The Whitest Kids Movie next month!!!

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Hey everyone! Sorry we haven’t been updating that much recently. This year we’ve been working hard on a Whitest Kids U’ Know Movie that will accompany the 5th season of the show next year on IFC! We’re just finishing up the editing and everything now and we’re very excited about how everything turned out!

We’re not sure when the movie or the season will come out next year – BUT – a few people can come see the film NEXT MONTH!

We’re holding a special sneak preview screening on December 15th in New York City and have about 10 seats reserved for fans of the show! So if you’re going to be in NYC on December 15th and would like to see the brand new WKUK film before anyone else gets to; please e-mail: wkukmovie@gmail.com

That’s wkukmovie@gmail.com!

We’ll notify everyone within the next 2 weeks!

Thanks everyone! See you soon!

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Checking in.

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I haven’t written anything in a while so I thought I would stop in and say hey. Thanks for coming to our website. If you have any questions get at me on my facebook, I check it a lot more than I do here.

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Episode 6!!! Come chat!!

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Right now!!! Yay!!

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Episode 4! Come chat!

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Hey, you all should come to our show at Pianos tomorrow! 8pm! Ludlow and Stanton! FREE! It’s gonna be fun!

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The show’s on! come chat!

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The New Season starts tonight (Friday!)

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We’re excited to be back on the air after a year and a half! There’s about 100 more sketches coming out in the next couple of weeks! And we can’t wait to see what people think!

Tell your friends that the show comes on tonight at 10 PM on IFC!!

And you can stream it on Netflix the next day!

ALSO!!! We’ll be livechatting somewhere on the internet during the show, stay tuned here and we’ll tell you where!!

See you tonight!!!

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4 days (Friday 10 PM) till the premiere of Season 4!

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Spread the word!!

Here’s another sneak peek!

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SEASON 4 starts on Friday!!!!

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Here’s a sneak peek!

One more!!

Please tell all your friends! We’ve been off the air for a year and a half (!) and we want to make sure people know we’re coming back! Hope you like the season!

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