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Trevor, Darren and I are hitting the road this month to do 5 shows at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington, Indiana and 6 Shows at Stanford’s Comedy Club in Kansas City. We’ll be performing sketches, playing music from Trevor’s album Drunk Text to Myself and premiering new songs from his follow up album that he is currently working on. I’m really psyched. Its going to be a fun time so come on out and we will try our hardest to give you performance you won’t soon forget!

3/13-3/15 Comedy Attic in Bloomington , IN http://comedyattic.laughstub.com/wkuk

3/19-3/22 Stanford and Son’s Comedy Club in Kansas City, KS


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  1. Jill

    Absolutely love love LOVE wkuk! I don’t even watch tv anymore, I literally go on youtube to look up your sketches & any videos that have any of you in it! You guys are amazing & it is ashame your show ended on TV. I would love to see you guys live! & Many people in my area & the surrounding area love you as well! PLEASE make your way to Philly or NJ! I promise you the turnout would be great! We all love you out here! Keep up the great work guys <3

  2. John Fanning

    Come to Houston!

  3. Kc Shepard

    Will you ever do a show in VA or DC this year? Will You [Trevor] ever do a show in your hometown?

  4. Ryan

    You guys are awesome, come to Atlanta. Wish the show was still going, to this day I laugh harder watching wkuk than anything else

  5. Jim Long

    I miss you guys so much :(

  6. Toriana

    You guys are so funny! I first found out about you guys in 2011 before your show ended and I would spend everyday watching videos on YouTube because I didn’t have IFC. To this day I still watch your videos on YouTube and I wish you guys would do more shows because I would love to come see you all live someday. I don’t live far from New York and for you guys I would drive the three hour drive just to watch the show!

  7. tyler


  8. Jesse Greenwood

    Sam i just discovered d.i.r.t hilarious glad to see your still doin stuff would love to see a whitest kids tour come to az

  9. Melanie

    You guys are the greatest!!!
    Please come back to Houston!

  10. Vestidos

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  11. erectile

    This does look promising. I’ll keep coming back for more.


    Just saw you last nite in San Diego and you guys were absolutely hilarious! Went above and beyond all expectations.
    It was great to see you live and should I mention you guys haven’t changed much from the days of the Whitest Kid’s you’d know
    Thank you for coming to San Diego!

  13. Kyle

    You guys are awesome! Please come to New York!

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