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Hi friends,

Here are our last 4 tour dates for now! Come out and see us next week!

The Magic Bag
Ferndale, MI

Park West
Chicago, IL

Grog Shop
Cleveland Heights, OH

Woodlands Backyard
Columbus, OH

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  1. Jacob

    Hey guys whats going on? I know you don’t normally even care about these comments, but if you could send me an e-mail and I’ll respond., I’ve got ideas for you guys, some ideas you may want to hear, trust me, I mean, it wont hurt to hear some of my video ideas would it?

  2. Jacob

    Been trying to get a hold of you guys for a while

  3. Jacob

    Pee sketch

    This scene takes place outside, on some creepy old dudes lawn, he’s having a yard sale, and of course as the sketch goes on you notice weird shit he’s selling-but that’s all unrelated to the actual sketch and punch line(but to have it creates unnoticed humor on the side). Two kids start to bother him, here’s the characters and actors.

    Zach Creggor as the creepy old dude
    Trevor more and sam brown as the kids who mess with the old creep guy

    Trevor and sam are walking, when they see the yard sale

    Trevor:oh dude lets check it out
    Sam:Lets do it
    Creepy old dude:ah what do you kids want?!?
    Trevor:what sort of dumb stuff are you trying to sell?
    Sam:Yeah need money for your drug addiction or something, haha
    Trevor:Oh good one
    Same:Yeah haha, whore!
    Trevor:wait what, no dude that doesn’t make sense-
    Sam:Yeah well when you think about i-
    Creep old dude: -picks up container by his chair-
    Trevor:Wait is that pee?
    Creepy old dude:what?!?!
    Sam:dude that looks like piss
    Creep old dude:You kids are crazy, bahaha
    Trevor:haha yeah we didn’t think so
    Sam:we’re just messing with you man haha
    Creepy old dude: starts laughing while drinking the container and getting the liquid all over him, “hahahaha, ohohoh!!”
    Trevor:Yeah haha, you’re just, a little bit, well it’s not
    Creepy old dude:Ahaha oh you kids are fucking crazy! -blank face- but good guessers -points to trevor-
    Sam:Yeah we’re just gonna
    Creepy Old dude:What!?!….. Where are you going?….. I got some shit!….
    Trevor and sam run away from the yard sale.
    Creepy Old dude: Kids these days, believe anything
    Then Timmy walks by and the creepy old dude says, heyyyy you there! While grabbing a gallon of something that looks like blood.
    Timmy:yeah?? (all smiling while walking, and then the sketch ends)

  4. Jacob

    I don’t care if someone steals that idea, I literally have tons of those ideas, all funny too.

  5. LadyBeauregard

    Just bought my tix for the Ferndale show! Super excited! Now to drag some friends along…

  6. MasonBrosch

    Damn when are you guys coming to Minnesota?

  7. mayomateo

    damn it I missed it!!

  8. Caleb weiner

    I find you guys to be one of the most funniest writers out there. Please come to Orlando, Florida. You will get a substantial turn out i can promise that

  9. Caleb weiner

    Most funniest…. wow.

  10. Jim

    Hey guys, Had a great time seeing you In Columbus.

    I never would have guessed you would be performing in a small bar.

    Sorry that I acted so stupid, I was nervous.

  11. Spencer


    I have been an avid fan for several years now, and have been wondering, do you guys plan on visiting Colorado anytime in the near future?

  12. Spencer

    I should note I will buy all of you at least two rounds of drinks, and maybe some pot, as it is legal here.

  13. Unboundground

    Like, man, like, Yeah Huh! Like when are you going to update your tour lists bro? Like c’mon man. Its time to set up another band of shows and go on the road around this big gay country of ours and make some people laugh again. C’mon man. I’ve been waiting in Maryland and Vermont for some time now, man…

  14. Angela

    Will you guys be going on tour again anytime soon? I had no idea you even did this until I saw your AMA on reddit and now I’m super bummed I missed all your shows.

  15. Beats By Dre

    It actually makes my quality of life so much better! I enjoy living more when I’m OP, even though it takes a lot more focus and effort than mindless eating does.

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