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Hey everybody,

Come see us on the road! Here’s the remaining tour dates!

5.3.13 – Neptune Theater – Seattle, WA: GET TICKETS HERE!

5.4.13 – Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR GET TICKETS HERE!

5.10.13 – Sons of Hermann Hall Dallas TX: GET TIX!!

5.11.13 – Scottish Rite, Austin, TX – GET TICKETS HERE!

5.12.13 – Fitzgeralds // Houston, TX – GET TICKETS HERE!

The Magic Bag
Ferndale, MI

Park West
Chicago, IL

Grog Shop
Cleveland Heights, OH

Woodlands Backyard
Columbus, OH

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  1. Randy Shackleford

    Come to Minneapolis!

  2. Genevieve

    Thanks for bringing the lolz to San Diego!! And hooray for forged signatures! (Zach, you might want to put someone else besides Darren in charge of that, Sam has really nice hand writing…)

  3. Brian

    Please, please, please come to Upstate NY, preferably Syracuse.

  4. Ryan

    I need to see you guys ASAP! Come back to the NYC, Philly area, please!

  5. sara

    Please come to new york or new Jersey. My friends and I are huge fans. We would love to see you in concert. Hope you can come out over here! Guaranteed 10 seats taken. Love you guys!

  6. Christina

    Please come near SC again :(!! <3 <3

  7. Dakota


  8. butts

    Oh god, come to TN please.

    I would kill to see you guys live

  9. ANG

    if darren wants sex, im down. here in austin. sorry but the show sucked.

  10. ANG

    i dont know how to delete posts

  11. DANE

    the show was a awesome, everybody buy tickets. it was 10x better than i thought it would be.

  12. Lane

    You guys were awesome! Thanks so much for coming to houston…I have never seen that venue so packed before. Please come back soon <3

  13. Alyssa

    Please come back to Austin soon. You guys are awesome/nice/a total laugh riot! <3
    -The dork who told you the Bruce Banner joke.

  14. Diamela "argentina"

    Hola si realmente conocen mi situacion y creo q si, contactenme en este momento estoy en la ciudad de Rivera, Uruguay mi cel (+598)98146817. Mi familia esta en bs as argentina

  15. Jesse Greenwood

    man wish you guys would have came to az i show so many people your stuff and they love it down here shit i have even seen a wine titled the grapist so next tour come down here

  16. Jill

    I wish you all would come to Baltimore, MD or DC. Ohio is jussssst a little bit too far. Love you guys!

  17. Kevin

    No! The tour cannot be over. You are a funny and unexpectedly sophisticated group. The critics seem to miss the sophistication somehow… “Time Capsule to the Year 3000,” “Dating Game,” and “Pledge of Allegiance,” are especially jarring. Keep up the good work.

  18. Kassie

    PLEASE COME TO JERSEY! All of my friends and I would LOVE to see you guys preform! Any part of NJ and we will be there !!

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