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Hey guys! It’s Trevor! I’ve just released my 3rd NEW MUSIC VIDEO for my album Drunk Texts to Myself!

This one is a country music song!! I hope you like it!

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  1. Molly Wkuk


  2. Blake 'The Grapist' G

    Fucking love it, can you make one for Tom Hanks is an asshole or god hates the tips please

  3. Collin Hausman

    Where can we go to find photos from the tour?

  4. Estuaria8

    guys, can you please come to Chile some day? :)

  5. Stevey

    Hey guys you really need to come to Australia (Particularly Brisbane) Do you have any future plans to tour down under?

  6. Devin

    Hahaha. Amazing, Trevor. This is what most Pop Country sounds like to me. “To grab a couple of sixers…and some beefy jerk.”

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