Trevor’s DEBUT comedy music ALBUM is available now from COMEDY CENTRAL!

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It’s has 10 brand new comedy songs on it! And you can buy it HERE!

Here are 2 music videos that have already been released for the album:

The Founding Fathers

And The Pope Rap!

Hope ya like it!!

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  1. DANE

    Trevor, you are a comedic mastermind and i love you.

  2. Sean

    Fucking awesome! Thanks you guys for rollin through Kansas!

  3. Nate

    The album was amazing. We picked it up at your show in Des Moines, which was also amazing by the way. You guys are super chill and humble and also hilarious. Not many performers/actors that I know of that people can say that about. And sorry on behalf of all the damn little kids throwing paper airplanes :) When Sam jokingly yelled at him to get out of the line I thought the kid was gonna cry. Thanks again for performing, for the great album, and for being such cool dudes.

  4. Ember

    Love it! So clever. Saw you guys in Des Moines too! It was so sweet of you guys to stay and sign things for everyone, and even take pictures with whoever stayed!

  5. Courtney

    I know this is unrelated, but when can I get season 4 & 5 on DVD?

  6. daniela

    my love sach

  7. daniela


  8. rea toms skor

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