Thank You All For 5 Great Years

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Tonight, the final episode of the Whitest Kids U’ Know airs on IFC and I’d just like to say ‘thank you’ to all of you out there who have tuned in week after week, sent our sketches around youtube and told everyone about our little show.

It’s hard to believe that its been 5 years since we debuted on the Fuse network ( right before Pants Off Dance Off! ) and so many of you have been so kind and supportive since day one.
I remember doing a live interview on Steve’s Untitled Rock Show, only one week after the show came out, and being shocked that so many people who liked the show actually came down to the studio to say ‘Hi’ and stand outside the window (in the rain even!).

When the show moved to IFC, I was, again, shocked by how many of you wrote in saying you were going to add the channel so you could watch our show. And every time we’ve toured, it’s been amazing how nice and cool everybody we’ve met has been. ( Hardly any of you give us a hard time about how crappily rehearsed our live shows are!)

If it wasn’t for so many of you sending our sketches around the Internet, we never would have gotten the show, and if it wasn’t for you guys embracing the show the way you did, we’d never would have been picked up by IFC, and if it wasn’t for how awesome you’ve been to us since then, we’d never have been able to do 5 seasons.

This isn’t the end of the story. We’ll still tour as a troupe, we’ll still make specials and we’re writing a new film as we speak – but we’re getting to the end of a chapter. And it’s been a great chapter thanks to you guys.

Love you all, see you soon


(And a very special thanks to everyone at IFC for putting up with us for all these years. We’d never have been able to make a show this dirty, anywhere else :) )

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  1. Nick Johnston

    With every fiber of my being, I wish you all the absolute best in everything you do. I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate the masterpiece that you guys made every single week. You are the ultimate kits of comedy and ill miss the show dearly, but I am extremely anxious to see what the future holds. Maybe one day when you’re here in norhern california we can blaze a six paper joint. Again, thanks guys. \m/, (-_-) ,\m/

  2. Kevin Noland

    I truely wish you all the best. If everything you do is as amazing as the whitest kids then you will be legends, not that you’re already not! I await your movie and any future endeaveurs!

  3. Dylan Rhoads

    I really enjoyed watching the show every week. It was one of my favorite shows to watch and to get a good laugh from but i was wondering why the show is over. If it’s because you guys ran out of ideas i would suggest asking the fans what they would like to see and have them send their ideas in so there can be more episodes of the best comedy show ever made so far. Best of luck Trevor, Sam, Timmy, Zack, and Darren. I will miss the show so much.

  4. Saint Mingo

    Sweet Jesus, the Civil War on Drugs was fucking great. You guys pulled out a great send-off to an amazing series. Congratulations, and good luck.

  5. Matt Busuttil

    Been watching u guys since Day 1, gonna miss the hell outta u guys. Good luck with everything in the future, I look forward to seeing your future projects. Timmy Dance was awesome!!!

  6. C Smith

    So you guys aren’t all splitting up and going your own way ? I am so very excited to hear about a new movie. I have to wonder why you guys are done with TWKUK though ? It was seriously some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen. You guys not having a show is a crime. When crap like Saturday Night Live can run for so many years and you guys being so infinitely better are throwing in the towel well I have to say a little piece of hope dies every time I think about it.

    I am sincerely going to miss your show. I am Canadian and I was horrified to see the end of The Kids in the Hall and with you guys I feel the exact same way. I wish you all the best on future endeavours and I am hanging onto the hope that this is not the end of one of the best if not the best comedy troupes I have ever seen.

    Cheers guys, I am going to go smoke some of that weed stuff and watch some old seasons because I am massively bummed and need a pick me up.

  7. rats

    Greetings from Romania. I’ve been downloading your show since season 2 and loved every sketch you guys did. And if you’ll do an europe tour in the future, maybe you could stop by :)

    Cheers and good luck with all your future projects, as a group and for every one of you guys going solo.

  8. rats

    Of, and Trevor, sorry for the Breaking In shit… but you guys were having the “HQ” in the Paddy’s Pub from Always Sunny, so you kinda deserved it!

  9. Elizabeth

    I’m not crying over you, stupid!

  10. Emily

    I’m gonna miss you guys so much… I really could watch your show forever. You guys always are always hilarious, and good luck on your future projects. I hope I can see you live one day. Love you all! :)

  11. Andrea

    I love your show so much!!! and I’m very sad that it has finished, I’m from Peru and let me tell you that many people love your show!!! I wish you the best in your new projects, and I’m pretty sure we’ll see you again!!

  12. Tycholarfero

    So… Will there be another show?

  13. Jerad Ford

    Hey guys, I was very much enjoying the last season, especially the recurring civil war, and was shocked to hear that it was going to be the end. I tell all of my friends about your show, and many of them now love it as much as I do. I was wondering why it’s happening. Was it your choice? Anyways I just want to wish you the best in everything you do. You guys have brought me so much laughter, and it’s really been inspiring to write some sketch comedy of my own. Hopefully someday you’ll get to see it! Until then good luck in the film-making process and if you do choose make more episodes know that you will have a dedicated fan here cheering you guys on all the way. So yeah, thank you for such an amazing and hilarious show, and I look forward to seeing what you make next.

  14. hoobla


  15. Daniel

    Guys, I’m really going to miss you all and skipping out on my friends on Friday nights so I could watch your show or posting sketches from youtube on my friends Facebook walls. I really hope you all do well in whatever you all do you deserve it. Congratulations on an excellent show, do it big time guys! Hope to see one of your live shows.

    With a non homosexual love,

    Big fan

  16. jack

    don’t leave :(

    I’m crying

  17. Sarah

    I live for friday nights on IFC expecially your show. Me and my Boyfriend and a bunch of our friends would all sit in his living room watching wkuk and all the reruns. We would stay up untill 6 then sleep all the next day. It won’t be the same anymore. We will still watch all the recorded episodes on his tv every friday night but but now the Norwood Norfolk high school has nothing to talk about on Mondays. :( looking forward to a movie guys :)

  18. Aric Varlas

    You guys have been my favorite TV show ever since I saw the sketch “Nail Gun.” You guys are the funniest group I have ever seen. I laugh at every one of your guys sketches. I don’t think you guys should quit. You guys are really taleented and you should never quit making jokes and stuff of that nature. Good luck on your later projects. You’ll always be the Whitest Kids I Ever Knew.

  19. Santiago

    Just Can’t believe it’s coming to an end. I totally loved the show and seriously you guys are genius, sometimes I even wonder how come the CIA didn’t lock you guys up in Guantanamo, jaja.
    I’m from Argentina and was pleased to know JFK was reborn here, jaja.
    Miss March was great too, by the way, no matter what anybody says. Suerte muchachos en el futuro.


  20. Ben

    for a long time now, my friend has recorded WKUK episodes on IFC and it’s become a tradition to watch it almost religiously. I’m saddened by the news that the final installment of the Civil War on Drugs is the last episode. I’m excited to see what the future holds for you guys and wish the best.

  21. Chinchilla_love

    TEAR!!!! :( Its been a fantastic 5 years! Great run! I love your show so much and it was fabulous. I can’t wait to see what else you guys have in stored for us! This note made me almost cry though -.- I know its not the end of the troop, but just the show. The Civil War on Drugs was amazing and I love how it ended. I love it all! Great sketches, and can’t wait to see another movie or show from you guys.

  22. Ernest Flores

    Thank you guys. I will be buying all of your seasons. I will continue supporting all you do. Trevor should come out with a rap album. :)

  23. Sean

    Thanks for the 5 seasons, they were awesome. But it does suck pretty hard my favorite show is ending. Please keep doing the live shows, they’re awesome, and for fucks sake please make a few movies together! I can’t think of any movie I’m anticipating more than a full length WKUK movie in theaters.
    PS. Release “The Civil War on Drugs” on dvd or maybe as a bonus on the season 5 dvd so we can watch it all in one sitting. It’s hysterical.

  24. Cousin Walter

    5 seasons… wow
    That’s one more than Monty Python, two more than The State, and the same amount as Kids in the Hall
    so I think you guys are going to be fine

  25. Joe

    Thank you for every single laugh, WKUK has been a huge influence for me. You guys were my inspiration to really pursue writing and performing comedy. Five solid seasons of sketch comedy is something to be very proud of (Mr. Show only had four, not that it’s a competition or anything). And although it is sad the show is ending, I am very excited to see more from you guys in different formats beyond TV. Please keep us updated on what’s to come!

    Thanks again guys!

  26. nigel bess

    First thing I would like to say is that you guys could easily be the best comedy sketch group ever. (up there with monty python)
    second, PLEASE tour somewhere in the san fransisco bay area. I would pay a lot of $ to see u guys perform.

  27. Kevin

    Thanks for all of the hard work you guys have put in over the past years guys!

  28. Curtis

    Best show ever made.
    I was really depressed to learn that the show was coming to an end. I’ve seen you live and it was excellent and i am thrilled to know that you guys are staying together as a troupe and producing.. stuff. I hope you guys come to comi-con in San-Diego as you probably have a large fan-base among the masquerade. Plus+ I’ll be there!!
    Big fan- continue to kick ass- perform in Colorado soon.

  29. Mollywkuk

    It was all worth it :)

  30. JACOB Ingram

    I CRIED WHILE WATCHING THE LAST EPISODE!!:( Jacob, Jake, and Eli will always love the show and be the biggest fans I wont stop crying for awhile. PLEASE SEND ME E-MAIL

  31. ealainmor

    no man, thank YOU all! your sketches always make my day, too bad that here in Italy there aren’t such great shows. I mean,our comedians really suck… please upload every episode on the internet, cause we can’t watch you on tv ( yeah,our tv channels suck as well). however, good luck for anything, love you bye!

  32. Mike

    Been following you guys since season one. I’ve probably introduced at least 100 people to this show. One of a kind comedy with its genius crude down to earth humor.

    Love you guys.

    Anything I can do to help I will.

    Just keep up the original comedy and projects up, I feel like wkuk is just a stepping stone.

  33. Ryan

    Me and a bunch of friends have been watching your skits online since middle school, and while they might not have been the best things to watch at that age we certainly did have fun talking about how funny and unique the skits were at the time.

    Moving into my senior year, the show (especially the earlier skits) have a sort of nostalgic effect to it and I’m glad to have watched everything up until the end.

    To sum it up, this show is excellent. Thanks for giving me (and everyone else) something to laugh at.

  34. Bongs Rippington

    Will miss this “shat my pants out loud” show. Thanks for giving me hope that funny people are still out there.

  35. SmokeyMcBongToke

    Thank Me No Thank You, You Guys are the Kings of Comedy Your Sketches will be Etched in Time and Space Forever One day Future Generations will Worship You!! in the words of Ulysses S. Grant SuckaDick

  36. Moe


    First thing i do on youtube is watching some clips, always make my day!
    Pitty that your shows does not air in germany naturally since its english and i think a translation would be awefull, but that’s what the internet is for.I have been watching nearly from the beginning and wish you all the best

    Greetings from Deutschland

  37. Trevor

    I love you whitest kids. thank you

  38. Brandon

    When will season 4 and 5 be on sale on dvd please get back to me thanks! and you guys are the funniest people on the planet, you are my idols!

  39. B

    Get a youtube partnership going and keep raging the series online!!! I just discovered your show a few months ago so you CAN’T go yet!! SO funny!

  40. Fiore

    Thank you guys for the best show ever =). I gonna miss you. Good luck with all the projects. Saludos desde argentina!

  41. Devin

    Yeah I pretty much thought this was THE most hilarious show ever on television and I am confused why many people aren’t even aware of it’s exsistence. So I showed one of my friends a few youtube videos and he fell on the floor laughing for 2 straight minutes (abe lincoln especially) and I am also sad that it’s the end but I am also happy because I heard of a WKUK movie coming. AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT WIKIPEDIA SAYS. Anyways I just wanted to let you know you guys are awesome and hope that you continue to make people laugh for a long time in the future. :)

  42. Trendkilla

    Heh it sooo un-american to stop on top. But im glad you didnt drive it into the ground. I will remember this as the funniest thing to hit the screen for ages. And I wish you the best of luck in the future, as well as look forward to see what your next project will be. Hopefully its something I get to enjoy in some way.

    Denmark, Europe

  43. Todd

    Thank you guys for all the laughter you provided. After all what would life be without it. Look forward to the film, specials and touring. YOU GUYS ROCK!

  44. Todd

    Let’s go to the old folks home…CLASSIC

  45. Stephanie

    Somehow, food just doesn’t taste as good anymore now.

  46. Jake

    It’s opposite day right?

  47. Jack

    Gonna miss the show. Thanks so much for five seasons of the funniest show I’ve ever seen. (will never forget the diamond thief sketch)

  48. Andrew

    I am sad to hear this. One of my favorite shows, that has survived throughout the years and has kept my interest is now ending. This is in fact a bummer, but I am glad it lasted as long as it did. I had some good times watching it. When I first read this, I thought of the “John Williams” sketch where he screams “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” as a response to the wrong song. Whitest Kids, Thank you for five great fucking years :)


    You suck because you’ve stopped airing your show, what are we supposed to watch now?
    There is NOTHING else to watch..
    now im sad..

  50. polar bear

    Flaming hello from Mother Russia!
    Please, don’t stop airing the show or we wouldn’t be able to survive another winter. :<
    You are fucking awesome. I wish I could express my feelings more eloquently. Thanks for all your hard work.

  51. Vincent McConnell

    The whitest Kids We knew.
    Have a great time doing whatever you all plan on after this “chapter.” Trevor, you’ve been a comedic genius for so long and we wish you all the best. To the other members of WKUK, we would never be able to laugh so hard without you. You all put so much work into such a great show. If you guys are ever around, I’ll watch you live. Some day I’d like to meet all the whitest kids we knew. Thanks everyone at IFC and WKUK (including Jim haha) for giving us such amazing entertainment. Talk to ya on face book, Trevor… if you’re ever on chat man.

  52. Ali

    You guys really are the whitest kids I know. I’m gonna miss the show, but there will never be a day when I can’t show someone one of your sketches on youtube and instantly make them a die hard fan. Space potatoes, The grapist, Sniper business, Leg peeing and Fight club.

    Hell, my friend can play the entire trumpet solo from Hippo in the city and my flatmate and I randomly break into ‘Me and my buddy’ at least once a fortnight, and have done it once on a stage in front of 30 bewildered people in between songs at a gig.

    “Now you fucked up, you have fucked up now!” from the Abe Lincoln sketch is pretty much a standard pub chant at the Edinburgh University student union bar when someone spills a drink.

    You guys are awesome, thanks for being awesome and keep being awesome.

  53. Kimberly

    Gotta say I’ve been a huge fan since day one, have also harassed everyone I’ve came in contact with to watch the show as well and to love it as much as I do(which was NOT a challenge at all to say the least). The end of WKUK is the beginning of something wonderful, and we’re all supporting every one of you guys with whatever you’re choosing to do. I’m hoping you guys do one final tour, so I can catch a show when I’m in the NY, NY area in Aug! Best of wishes from OH, IN, and GA fans.

  54. Caisie

    Ello Ev’ryone,
    I’m gonna miss you guys soo much! You all meant the world to me. Love you all. God bless you guys and g’luck with everything! And please stay out of trouble Trevor, that includes hitting buildings with hammers and hanging out with black people, hehe. Thank you all for making me laugh harder than ever.

  55. It's On

    Words cannot express how much fuck you for ending this epic show. Without new episodes of WKUK masturbation has lost its luster. At least I can still fuck myself to old sketches on YouTube, so thank god for small miracles, amiright?

  56. Laura

    I’m filled with sadness! Heaps of well wishes for your continued success in all endeavors. Your talent is beyond measure!

  57. Bigbug

    Aww man, i’m from Thailand and we don’t get IFC here. Been trying to watch all your shows on the Youtube though.

    Best of luck and thanks for making us laugh through good and bad times. :)

  58. Monica

    What am i gonna watch now?…..QUICK come to San Francisco again!!!

  59. Harold stephens

    Oh my god I love you guys I’m a huge fan. I just hope I can watch reruns on Netflix. And who knows maybe y’all will get bored without the show and come back1(hopefully). I think my favorite skit would have to be the Abe Lincoln skit. Please don’t disappoint on this new movie.

  60. Ivan

    I just wanted to thank you for all the laughter The WKUK was a big part of my life and i cant wait to see whats next. Thanks Guys! For everything.

  61. Fernando

    Guys, I love the show. It’s very well thought and funny, and I think you have such great chemistry together that makes it feel incredibly natural.

    What got me to watch you guys was a little section on MAD magazine that had been written/drawn by MAD cartoonists based on some sketches from season 1 I think, and I remember looking at the one where Darren is a fawn and you guys are going to fuck it and that was the most hilarious thing ever! Hope to watch more WKUK soon on movies, other channels, or whatever.

    I would definitely subscribe over the internet if you guys do an internet TV show! I pledge 10$ a month for you guys !!!! (I am sure many other people out there would too) if we get all 300,000,000 people in the USA to watch your show (and putting 10$ a month) you will make 3billion dollars an year! Let’s go for it!

  62. wkuk is awsome

    Honestly i think you’re show is my favorite, but really all you’re sketches are funny you guys are funny i just wish it could keep going for at least one more season but everything has to come to an end and if you guys are going to do another show or something it would be awsome to know what it is. all in all 10/10 rating from me and good luck.

  63. John D'Angelo

    Too little, too late..I loved Miss March but only found out about the show three days…Anyways if you make your way down to Houston, I will be there, without a doubt…amazing bud down here btw…fucking squirrels

  64. Justin Smith

    I have been watching this show since it first came out on Fuse, even though at the time i was way too young and it got me in perpetual trouble with my mom. You guys have inspired me to do something with my talents and start my own comedy troupe. Can’t wait for the new film.
    Best Wishes,
    Justin Smith

  65. Richard Cano

    Sad day when such a beloved show has to come to such an end. I will miss it. Now I have nothing left to DVR. Looking forward to the movie.


    Is it true that you decided to end the series because Timmy was obviously diagnosed with AIDS?

  66. Jared Vandrovec

    So why did you guys end the series? And is smoking nutmeg worse for your lungs than squares?

  67. Elizabeth

    haha I wasnt the only dufus who got sappy and cried!

  68. Kevin

    Wanted to say that all of you involved with the Whitest Kids U’Know, along with Monty Python, have been a great inspiration to Me, my brother, and even my friend who have started doing videos/sketches in hopes to spread a portion of funny just like you guys have. I can’t wait to see what kind of movie you’ll be working on!

  69. Kate

    I’ve watched this show since I was 13! So much love goes out to you guys! Thank you so much for 5 years of hilarity, and I know you all will be successful in everything else you do.
    <3 <3 <3

  70. Heather Dailey

    BESTWKUK5YEARSEVER. nice work ya did, you’re gonna go far kids!! :P

  71. John

    With all due respect, and I /really do/ mean /respect/, I don’t think you could possibly understand how heartbreaking it is to see you and Zach on these lukewarm “mainstream” and tame TV shows. I absolutely and unconditionally maintain that you and Zach, along with the rest of the WKUK, are the great comic geniuses of our generation. Your true hearts, that is, the absolute absence of any posturing or pretense, coupled with your sublime talents and fidelity to a great tradition of American screwball comedy have never failed to surprise and amaze. And now I see you playing second-fiddle to commonplace (although I’m sure nice people) actors on Fox, and Zach having to speak the words of terrible writers (infinitely inferior to himself). Of course I understand that you guys, like everyone in this awful situation, need to make some dough and pay the bills, but it just seems like such a waste to me. Stay true, above all stay true, let no one, some /hack/, put stupid words in your genius mouth! Who else than you could’ve made that absolutely perfect face in the “air dry” sketch, or appeared with the precisely perfect demeanor that you did in that absolutely spot-on “Clint Webb” campaign ad (which said more about our situation’s untruth than almost all the other satire in the world put together). I love you guys, I know Miss March didn’t perform well in the box office, but fuck them all, because, at the end of the day it had the scene where the whore bounced out of the window of the bus, and that scene is eternal, whereas attention after box office seats and nonsense like that is merely temporary, merely bottom-line. By all means, make some money, make piles of money, like Matt and Trey in the generation proceeding our own, you all deserve millions… But please don’t forget your truth, your fidelity to the sublime art of comedy, your hard work at traveling around the country and the labor of doing those sketches every night on the stage (you couldn’t have done this for /money/, that’s impossible). I’d like to write a critical text someday after the innovations and experiments of the WKUK, (audaciously supposing my thought is even adequate to it) an attempt to immortalize in words of philosophy what you all accomplished in comedy: as Hegel was to Beethoven, or Adorno to Schoenberg. But alas, you will make my task that much harder by giving us all only five seasons, and then merely going on your way into the grist mill that is Hollywood (I’m reminded of your remarkable “pitching a movie” sketch). Anyways, I love you all, and do want you all to live comfortably and in economic security, but please do not give over to the mindlessness and untruth that is the world as it stands.

  72. John

    One more thing, I’m sure God had his reasons, he invented all the seasons, so I’m sure that there’s a reason, why all monkeys, go to Hell.

  73. Yaz

    I wish the best of luck to all of you. I’ve done nothing but smiled and laughed since you guys started. Thanks so much for five great seasons. It’s been a wonderful time.

  74. Yaz

    I wish the best of luck to all of you. I’ve done nothing but smiled and laughed since you guys started. Thanks so much for five great seasons. It’s been a wonderful time.

  75. Alaina

    Don’t leave………………

  76. robert

    i love you guys u guys make everything funny and i will miss the show very much to bad u guys couldn’t have done a 6 season i love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. T

    Love you guys

    btw u guys need to MAKE T-SHIRTS! I would buy those in a heartbeat!

  78. John

    No!!!!! I fou8nd this show on netflix!!! That sux its over, put more than just 10 episodes for us at least!

  79. David

    im wondering will there be another show?

  80. David

    im wondering will there be another show????

  81. Josh

    man I wish I would’ve known about your show sooner, I just saw it last year on youtube and after looking at your skits this long have not seen them all, I wish I had IFC so I could watch reruns and see all the other great stuff you did

  82. Bobby

    Guys, I just discovered your sketches two weeks ago. I’m out of them, I need more.

  83. Dominique

    Heya guys,
    I am so so sad to hear that you guys just wrapped up your last season… if you ask me, you guys were just starting out. At the same time, it must get tough to come up with 3-minute sketches after five seasons!
    I wish you all the best and hope to see more of you guys seeing as I have fallen in LOVE with all of you!! You are so funny:)
    Furthermore, I live in Canada and cannot get IFC so every season I patiently wait for your clips to show up on youtube and you guys were(are) my favorite part of youtube.
    I wish you all the best… please make movies forever!!!

  84. Dominique

    And I mean seriously,
    Trevor, along with Zach and Sam and Timmy and Darren, you guys are all the best comedians I have ever watched and it breaks my heart that you guys are retiring the sketches :’(

  85. Mitch

    Where to start? You five guys are extremly funny. It really makes me sad that this is the end of WKUK, but you have your reasons I assume. Don’t stop making funny stuff though, whether it’s movies, shows, other stuff you guys are hilarious and you’re probably my favorite show ever. You guys kind of inspired me to come up with video ideas hopefully I can get some of my friends together and actually make my ideas come to life. I’ll miss the show deeply but I won’t forget it. Happy Trails Trevor Zach Sam Timmy and Darren. Don’t stop believing.

  86. derrick

    Please make a new show

  87. Jake

    Here’s my question y r u guys not doing the show I’ve been with u guys since day 1 and I cried when I say u were not doing any more wpisodes

  88. Nick Peditto

    FUCKING READ THIS SHIT!!!!! sorry… HahaI love you guys more than anything, I’ve never missed an episode, and I have told every Freind I have ( even though I spent most of my Friday nights watching the show instead of making Freinds) about your show and now they are in love and I think I speak for all of them when I say we are sad to see you go. More importantly though, I want to thank you for all the laughs, joy, and fun throughout the series. Good luck with all your future endeavors, you are a rare breed of human that is inspiring to many!
    Much love,
    Nick P!

  89. Joe

    You guys are the funniest MF’er on the planet.


  90. Ariel

    You guys should really do another campus tour! Come to The Ohio State University!! There are over 50,000 students plus the city of Columbus. We have great places on campus to perform as well as right next to the campus a place called Newport Music Hall which has lines all the way down the street for every performance. Some recent acts include Chromeo, The Dropkick Murphys, and Lupe Fiasco. Of course there are many more places in the area (but I’m a transfer from Boston so I don’t know them yet!)

    You guys have SO much talent! Spread it with the world!!

    feel free to email if you have even the tiniest little tingling that you may come near here! I’d be willing to help with all marketing and logistics etc (it’s kinda my thing haha)

  91. Ariel

    Did I mention I’ll totally cook all of you guys dinner and bake you cookies if you come?

  92. Megan Alexander

    I am going to miss your show like crazy! All of you are so amazingly funny and it makes me want to cry to know you’re not making anymore episodes. Your videos have made an impact on my life that I can never forget, I watch them every time I really need a laugh. If you never make an episode ever again, maybe you should consider producing a tv channel? Seriously, you guys are geniuses and I am very proud to say that we had something valuble to share from my generation other then Justin Bieber and HannahMontanaMileCyrus. Thank you for the laughs and know that I am forever greatful for your show!

  93. Siobhan

    I’m new to WKUK but you have officially gotten a new fan!

    I got linked to your whale tale sketch and nearly started hyperventilating with laughter. Good thing I don’t have asthma, or I’d be DEAD with a capital DEAD. I live overseas (and also I’m not American) BUT IF I WERE LIVING IN AMERICA………….*gazes into the distance*……. Oh, I’d be there. I’d be there every time. You bet your bottom……button. Dollar.

  94. Brittney

    Ive watched since season 2, but I dont have a TV (FML)Ive only been able to watch on youtube. You better keep making skits n stuff or else, ill cry. I love you guys, so totally homo. ~Me.

  95. Daria

    Thanks for coming into my life! It’s a shame that you’re leaving it now… Here in Russia nobody knows WKUK, and i was surprised it’s been 5 years of your great work already!
    Wish you all the best! And hope to see you again!


  96. Richard

    omfg i just heard this was your last season. ive been really behind. well its been a really great 5 years with you guys and you helped me get through a lot of my depression these past five years. its funny how one day i just turned the tv on to fuse and stumble on to the premier. haha i even remember messaging trevor on myspace snd asking if i could call him roger XD i never thought hed actually reply but he did with a simple “please do.” bahahaha i felt special that day. anyways, thanks you guys for all you did. KOOOOOOL AAAIIIIDDD!!!

  97. Simerpreet Singh


    Highlight all, press CTRL + F and press 0 For you
    Whitest kids and who miss them.

  98. Mandy

    I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Gosh I live for this show

  99. Anon


  100. Jared Johnson

    I’m comin bitch. I’m comin bitch. I’m comin bitch. I’m comin bitch. I’m comin bitch. I’m comin bitch. I’m comin bitch. Buzz aldrich in this motha fucka! You dudes have been rhe best thing on tv in the past six seven years, neck and neck with walking dead that shows bad ass, when I would have a shitty day all I had to do was turn on you dudes and instantly not everything seemed so shit. Abe lincoln sketch changed my life and I’m sad too see you dudes go, that goes for about 6 people sitting around me now. Thanks guys and good luck,and I’d love too do a song with yall.

  101. Taylor

    I loved the show!! Often when I’m baked I’ll just through a season on laugh all night. Just wish there was more. I’ll go see you guy’s if you ever get close to WA. Good luck.

  102. Taylor

    Same for me. “when I would have a shitty day all I had to do was turn on you dudes and instantly not everything seemed so shit.”

  103. tedmckee

    I love whitest kids you know! I first saw on Netflix and just one episode hooked me, bought all DVDs that I could find and currently looking for season 4 and 5. HILARIOUS! I want to get a box set for my friends. Will go see you if you ever tour my area or within a road trip distance venue! Love you guys!

  104. Matthew

    I am really going to miss watching you guys you brought me so many laughs it really makes me sad to see you guys go like that. Well to see you off all I have to say was the show was “pretty good”.

  105. Clark

    thought wkuk was damn funny, and then i saw trevor get down on miss march and the show breaking in, in these 2 instances, i swear thats some of the funniest stuff ive ever seen, overlooking a few select 20-30 sketches. i have NO IDEA why you didnt want to/they couldnt get u back on for the second season, your character and dutch held the show together. :(

  106. Lauren

    I’m leaving such a late reply, here!
    I remember when I first watched “Whitest Kids U Know” on IFC. The satire was similar to the stylings of Monty Python, but with your own flair and of course, Americanized. The cross-dressing, witty and dry humor–and let’s not forget the chemistry between the 5 of you.

    I really appreciated the “Live” episode, because it gave insight on what it really looked like to be a member of a “Whitest Kid U Know”, and the comedy on stage had little to no props…something I admire. NYC–an artist’s playground and home to Broadway!

    All and all, I just have to say I had a taste for the show. Your comical aspect was like mine in so many ways, and just made me laugh out loud over and over again. I’m so envious of you and your friends for having a great show and an overall great time (at least I hope you had a great time!). Congratulations for all of your hard work, and keep going!

    -Lauren A.

    P.S.–This is SO embarrassing to admit, especially over a blog of all things, but I have the biggest crush on you, Trevor! I’m sure you get that a lot! :)

  107. Justin

    I honestly didn’t find out about you guys until you were in your third season…but I am deeply grateful to have been able to witness such a great show. Whenever I hear the theme song to the show, it kinda just makes me a bit nostalgic now. I still watch a bunch of skits that are on youtube though. I love you all individually and as a group. :) You’ve really made me laugh so much and I love to laugh. Regardless if you know it or not, but you guys cheer me up in bad times too and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying any of this. I hope to catch you all on tour sometime!

  108. obama

    I’m so sad your show is over, i grew a third ball.

  109. Tristan

    You guys are and will always be the best show on tv. I have all your dvd’s ( except for season five ) and often have a Whitest Kids Marathon. I am glad that you have been around to revolutionize the comedy industry. Specifcallty to Trevor, since I saw the first Trevor Moore show, I fell in love with you ( no homo ). I have so may things to say and ask but I will settle with a Good Luck!

    P.S. Althogh it’s hard to choose, my favorite sketch was the Francis Scott Key one.

  110. nicole

    words cannot express how hard im crying or how much ill miss you guys. i don’t understand why the WKUK wont be on IFC anymore but i hope that any specials you do and tours will still go by the name WKUK if not it wouldn’t be the same. iv’e loved all of you since discovering you in season one. :) you’ve all inspired me and my aunt soo much. she loves you guys and does her own humor and every weekend we get together and laugh our butts off at you guys. i have a quesion tho “why are you quitting WKUK on tv but doing live shows?” not that i have ANY probs with that believe me :D! im just curious lol. i once saw trevor say that Monty Python was the king of sketch comedy; in my opinion there are many “kings” of comedy and in my book the WKUK are one of them and always will be the best :D you all have a warm loving unique and funny sense of humor that is once in a lifetime,and you’ve touched my entire community so much. my school also would talk absolutely nonstop about you guys every weekday mostly fridays and watch your sketches with our teachers and sometimes at city events lol. i will never be able to fully say how unique and funny you all are and how hard you make us laugh :D! i am such a HUGE FANGIRL XD. i nearly died while watching “the grapist” especially at the “im going to tie you to the radiator and grape you?” “what?” “im going to rape you!” “*gasp*!” and at “she totally asking for it” “WHAT?!” “look what shes wearing” “LOOK WHAT SHE S WEARING?!” “yeah its purple!” “oh” HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!! that was absolutely side -splitting! all your sketches are really. i hope that one day you will go back on IFC or another tv program but im very excited to know you will be doing specials and touring. i look forward to all future projects and whatever you decide to do, i wish you all, your future projects,and WKUK best of luck!:) also trevor i have to say this YOUR FLIPPING HOT :D so sexy lol and you all rock! hope to hear from you soon and if you can id love an email response if your not too busy. see ya!

  111. nicole

    also forgot to say on my last comment thank you all so much for five hilarious years! :D hope to see you guys soon

  112. Andrew Van Deventer

    Hey guys! I know it’s late in the game, but reading this message made me all teary-eyed. I’m sad that the show is over, but excited to hear that you are continuing your act. No other group makes humor like this. Thank you for all you do. You’re awesome.

  113. hifatpeople

    It’s over already??? But I just got here…

  114. Jovannah

    Your show was so great! You have to take a trip down to Toronto and a couple cities in Canada! You have Canadian fans too, you know!

  115. Tiffany S

    Sad face… Just when I was getting into the show( 2 yrs ago) guess I will have to come to a live show! Just think if my pre- teens never showed me a YouTube clip I would have never gotten to enjoy your silly skits! Thanks for all the laughs…

  116. Gabriel

    5 years? I hope for another 5-10 I like your humour guys!

  117. peremptor

    I just started watching some of your stuff and you guys are like the 2nd coming of the KITH for me and I don’t want to short change you but coming from me that’s a great compliment.

    I wish you creative bastards the best in whatever you end up doing next and hopefully I can get to watch.

  118. Luke

    Only 5 years? Seems like you guys have been around for ever!! Keep up the good work guys.

  119. Ariel

    We will all miss you :(

    Hope to you see soon. :)

  120. Ben

    I as only watching sketches on youtube 3 years ago and I did not know you guys had a tv show, I’m sorry, I will miss all of you

  121. Austin

    You guys are really funny.I watch your show on IFC and YouTube every day.I will miss you and hope you show up in Henderson one day.well,bye

  122. The Bounceback

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    And like us on facebook:

  123. Tyler required


    why is it impossible to find any info on why the show was cancelled?

    come back to atlanta this fall?(.)

    ( . )( . ) ? tits, timmy. tits.

    but then who was phone?!


  124. Adam

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  133. Kristin Suzanne

    Trevor….you have to put this show back together…do it as a web series… Screw t.v its obsolete. (I actually cancelled cable when your show went off, for I barely watched it anyway.) Your writing/brain is beyond brilliant and hysterical its also imaginative & insightful… I bet you also write (serious) songs as well…? How about an album? (I apologize if you’ve already released one, as I’m not from this world and rarely visit earth…) So, but please while I’m here now how about another live show in NY? anywhere in the empire state…your loyal fans await! & I implore you to give us more…more….more Trevor Moore ;)

  134. joe

    This show was extremely idiotic and I felt embarrassed to watch it. I gave up after season 3 knowing this is not my brand of humor. They lack the timing and wherewithal to make a joke land and I am super surprised they made it this far. I really feel that people who find this funny are comedically immature. Once you’ve witnessed shows like CYE or Children’s Hospital you can’t downgrade your humor for shows like this. You’ve come to expect witty, sharp acting along with well timed jokes, running gags that work and entertainment that doesn’t solely rely on rancid subjects EVERY TIME.

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  139. Robin

    I’m not really sure if this site is still alive… it’s hard to determine between all that spam and the old entries, but here I go digging in a dead website.

    I just want to let you guys know that during the last year me and my friends discovered your show and really binge watched every singe episode ( and the movie!).

    I have to say you guys are some of the best comedians I have ever seen and I’d love to see all 5 of you in another sketch.

    I know you guys are busy touring in the USA/whatnot but do something for all the people overseas as well ;-).

    Anyway cheers for probably reading this.

    Robin from Germany

  140. ptizzlefoshizzle

    Best show ever, kind a like snl just way better. Hope you make more cd’s trevor.

  141. Rosa

    Hey you guys! I just felt that I had to go here and tell you that your show have given me so many laughs and even frustration at the same time. I just discovered WKUK about a month ago and now when it’s over you left me with a hole in my heart. I hope that you will keep this amazing artwork of yours up, and will continue to make us crazy fans amazed about your comedy. I really hope that you will tour around Europe one day and step by in Sweden one day.
    Whether you do or don’t I psycho-love you guys and I wish you all good luck with your career’s! ?

    Lots of love from Sweden

  142. Rosa

    Hey you guys! I just felt that I had to go here and tell you that your show have given me so many laughs and even frustration at the same time. I just discovered WKUK about a month ago and now when it’s over you left me with a hole in my heart. I hope that you will keep this amazing artwork of yours up, and will continue to make us crazy fans amazed about your comedy. I really hope that you will tour around Europe one day and step by in Sweden one day.
    Whether you do or don’t I psycho-love you guys and I wish you all good luck with your career’s! ?

    Lots of love from Sweden

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  144. Phuckin' Phylean

    Trevor, I want you to look me in the eye gawdammit when I tell you this! Find a way. I will always help you find a way to get dirty words on the air and out there to the people. We are in Aries therefore assholes, well, loosely speaking. Really were just more mischievous than anything but goddamnit, I’ll be damned if we are not passionate about this deep down desire for global shenanigans. And are we still on for lunch on Cockring the 18th again? Should I wear my toga or do they have loaner ones at the Greek Restaurant?

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