Civil War on Drugs NYC screening!!!!

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When: Thursday June 9th, 8pm
Where: 92Y Tribeca
200 Hudson St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 343-3969

Tickets: $12

I hope you can come join us to see the whole thing from start to finish without those pesky recaps!

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  1. Claudia

    i live in az so i cant go watch ur show but i really love u guys and i just started watching ur show like 2 weeks ago and its already my number 1 show i love u guys expecly zach trevor and darren u are like in my top 5 hottest white people ever to bad im only 16 and u guys are probly like 25 or something like that but u guys are really hot my fave one it the call of duty,the line leader and homeschool ok bye
    *love u guys tons and tons*love u expecly trevor
    (try to vist yuma az one of these days)

  2. Mick

    I wish I could, you guys should put a movie up on the big screen. The Civil War on Drugs is great so far 4 weeks in. So you will be coming back as the “Whitest Men U’know” Right????

  3. Stephanie

    I just called the box office and they said the tickets aren’t on sale yet. 92y doesn’t have any info up either.

  4. Mollywkuk

    Such short notice.
    But shit, I’ll go.

  5. Mollywkuk

    * references to Claudia’s comment*

    Don’t worry Timmy and Sam, I think you’re hot.

  6. chris

    u guys rock – Canada

  7. morgan

    I want to go soo bad, I live in Va but I’m 15 so I can’t go.. :( You guys are amazing!

  8. Kevin

    How is an entire month short notice, Molly?

  9. Tommy

    Hey, I’ll see if I can come by to see u w/ some friends. But are you guys in the 92Y bar, or the Tribeca Cinemas nearby? I think you guys are hilarious, ever since Junior year of High School. =P

  10. Molly

    Well Kevin because I have to plan and have enough money saved for hotels and airfare to attend that show.

  11. Cassie

    Why do you ask for our e-mails?

    I would love to go, but sadly I live in Ohio…Ohio sucks! Not only do I live in Ohio, but I live in a tiny redneck town that celebrates Pumpkins!
    Shout out to Barnesville Ohio! -.-
    Anyways I love you guys!


    greatest show i could ever think of

  13. Emily

    All right… time to hitchhike to New York.

  14. Alice

    Too bad I live in fucking Sweden…!

  15. susan

    Manhattan is only a short drive from Bucks County, PA so I am going to go. Hope the whitest kids will autograph my just purchased season 2 and 3 dvds.

  16. V

    Heyy, didn’t know how else to contact you guys buuuuttt…..

    I had to tell you I just watched idk what episode because its on netflix and the thing is retarded so it says season 1 but you guys said it was going for 4 yrs in the ending so idk… w.e at the end of the episode you had a list of things that you need for some spoofs youve been wanting to do and I wanted to let you know that I have 2 of the things…

    1. a dog that poops on command (seriously, we trained him but idk if he’ll do it if he rly can’t i have tried to do it like twice in a row)

    2. green leafy supplies. (that self explanatory i think)

    ’tis all… i discovered your show on netflix today and i think its great :D

  17. Diana

    Your show is really great you guys! Really bummed this Friday will be the series finale.

    By the way, why are there a bunch of hormone-crazy 15 year-old girls drooling all over this site?

    Get. A. Life.

  18. James

    “Have you read any good books lately? Actually, I have…”

    OK, I have a “WKUK emergency” folks, I watched every season of WKUK for the 800th time trying to find the skit where 2 guys are meeting in a restaurant and one of the guys pulls out the Necronomicron after being asked if hes ready any good books lately.

    Listening to the guy sum up the necromomicron and describe the apocalypse is face splitting-ly hilarious!

    It was a WKUK skit right? It has to be… Maybe I can’t find it because it wasn’t WKUK? If that’s the case don’t answer cuz if its not WKUK its probably not as funny as I remember.

  19. John

    Hello guys, I wrote a funny skit and thought you guys would enjoy it so if you would like to see it and let me know what you think

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