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The WKUK (all five of us) will be presenting our new movie ‘The Civil War on Drugs’ tonight (Monday April 18th) at 8 pm @ the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles!

We’ll also do a sketch or two and a Q& A after the film! Come hang out! It’ll be fun!

Tickets are available here!

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  1. Lilliana

    I came across the show recently and it is the funniest show that I have ever come across!!! I noticed that this is the only updated blog, are you guys on Facebook? Do have any touring planned for 2011?

    A derranged fan.

  2. Christine

    come to philadelphia please!!!! or back to new york it would def. be worth the trip up there to come see you guys

  3. amber

    you guys need to come to North Dakota or Minnesota!!!!!!!

  4. john gray

    Quick Question. Are you guys breaking up or working on other projects or something?

  5. KC

    UGH! I’m sooo jealous! I wanted to go SO bad! But I didnt hear about it until 20 minutes before it started! :(

  6. Miss Jolee

    Minnesota would be nice! Love the new season guys! I love that ya’ll arent cop out’s and that throughout the years have stayed the true to your raunchy cut throat humor! Going to be extremely sad when season 5 is over, been a huge fan from the begining!!!

  7. invincible kid

    trevor. get the whitest kids down to arkansas please. i know arkansas sucks, but i want to see yall. miss you trev. come see me again

  8. invincible kid

    yes im in school right now


    Trevor! guess what! you’re how i found wkuk! cuz one of my best friends names is trevor moore and we were hangin out and we googled my name (nothing came up…sorta disappointing) and then his name and bippidy-boppidy-boo we found you! witch makes me so happy to know trevvs even more! k well know you knoww, so y’knoww
    P.S. can you do a skit about a fire drill that goes off in like an elementary school and have everyone start freaking out and shit. i dunno, it just sounds funny to me…alright well consider that pleasee!

  10. Christine

    i have an obsession with this show i fucking love it..trevor is soooooooooooooooooooooo fucking hot

  11. Will

    I cant believe i missed this… Come back to LA again soon!

    Thank you for the brilliant comedy!

  12. Jon Harrod

    OK man, I really need to talk straight with you here…a friend of mine turned me onto Whitest Kids last year, and being a Monty Python fan, I was immediately a huge fan. I DVR you guys and always look forward to watching the show.

    Now….what in the fuck are you doing stopping the show right now? You guys have a huge buzz and it’s only getting bigger, the skits are getting funnier every season…you have an amazing amount of chemistry in the troupe, and this new season is absolutely great, every goddamn skit is hilarious. So…are you trying to go out on top? Seriously, you all are blowing up, people are talking and you can’t beat word of mouth…you have die hard fans. You are quitting why, again???

    Unless IFC is cancelling you, and with the pretentious shit they air half the time I’m not sure how they could warrant it…there is no way you guys should be quitting. Maybe you guys all hate each other, don’t know, but get over it and keep going. If it’s due to some impending illness or something, OK…but aside from that, find a new network, work it out. I’m telling you, you guys are hugely appreciated by those of us that are sick of the trash that the networks and most of cable keeps rehashing.

    Trevor, dude, seriously….you obviously have the talent to make people laugh their ass off. If there is any way possible, keep the Kids together, man.

  13. logan

    i saw it on youtobe i about pissed my self lafing dame good wark

  14. Trendkilla

    Soo sad to see this end. I just recently discovered your show, by random luck, on the net. And it has since spread like wildfire through me and my friends cirles. Cheers and good luck in the future.

    Denmark, Europe