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It’s true, on April 15th at 10pm et/pt our fifth and final season is premiering on IFC.

Now I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from fans upset that we’re stopping the show and I want to just say that we are all still friends and Whitest Kids is still something. So even if we aren’t on IFC, don’t worry, we’ll still be making or performing comedy. Now we’re all concentrating on what’s next for us and in a lot of cases these post-”whitest kids on IFC” projects are things we are getting each other involved with.

Please spread the word to watch the show this season. Every episode we shot will end with an installment of “The Civil War on Drugs”, a mini mini series we made about two friends in the 19th century who accidentally think that the Civil War is being fought over pot and take it upon themselves to “legalize it”. We wrote it as a movie so if you take the time to, you could edit them all together and it would work… or maybe someone will take the time to do that and put it up on some torrent sites. Hopefully we’ll be able to screen it as a whole somewhere or release it as its own thing so keep an eye out for that.

Enjoy and keep checking in here when the show is airing cause I’m sure we’ll do some sort of live chat like we have in past seasons.

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  1. Dominic

    Looking forward to the new season, but sad to see it go :(
    Still, I understand your reasons (and I hope my fellow fans do as well) so best of luck in the future with everything.
    Just make sure not to leave your IFC-less fans out of the loop!

  2. clkennedy

    Love you, too, Sam!

  3. KirkB

    Thanks for posting the 3 teasers before the season airs. The Squirrel skit was hilarious. I sent them all to my friends. Good Luck with the rest of the year and whatever you guys do.

  4. Nick

    So will there still be a WKUK Movie airing along with Season 5? Or was the civil war stuff what you guys were talking about as far as a WKUK movie goes?

  5. Sam

    The Civil War on Drugs is the movie we were talking about.

  6. Stephanie

    Much elation. Deffo looking forward to livechats. It just wouldnt be the same without em. I hope I get to see all of you on my TV again at some point.

    btw quick question: There was gonna be a contest for a special screening of the movie in December, but got postponed at the last minute. Is it totally scrapped or still in the works?

  7. Niki

    Thanks for the update! It’s comforting to know that you’ll all continue to do performances and make comedy. You’re all fantastic and I’m looking forward to the new season!

  8. Sam

    I’m still trying to get something going as far as a screening but it seems to me that any screening we hold will be so last minute there’ll be no time for a contest. We’ll try though. If not hopefully someday it can be a midnight movie, rocky horror picture show thing.

  9. johnny

    Man, me and my friend just found out about this :(

    Guess this means we’ll have to take a road trip to see you guys live :)

    On a different subject, what are the odds I could get a “fuck this job and fuck brian” shirt? :D

  10. Nick Wolf

    Thanks for the Movie Update SAM! Maybe you guys can release movies in the future, similar to what Monty Python did. Seriously, make a movie, and we will give you checks written with the amount of “ALL” on it!

  11. Karn

    When I first read the title I just thought you were switching networks again, then I read the note and was saddened :/ I’m from the UK but have watched you guys from the beginning (as well as other none WKUK stuff e.g. Miss March) and think… you guys are completely amazing, the definitive comedy troupe of the “noughties”. Living in the UK has made watching you guys hard enough but now I’ll probably never get a chance to see any of your stuff. I wish all of you every success both together as WKUK and in each of your own careers.

  12. Tucker

    So…After season 5, will you just switch to a new channel, or are you touring, or are you leaving TV for movies, or are you just going to go your separate ways and only reunite for cameos to excite fans, or will you be reborn in Argentina, then die of cholera in infancy after 38 years, only to become a bizarre half shadow half man named Tankra?

  13. Tucker

    I guess what I’m asking is “do any of you have any definitive plans for post IFC wkuk?”

  14. Travis

    It breaks my heart that the show is ending, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I wish you guys the best of luck with your future projects.

    Thanks for all the inside jokes you’ve provided myself and my old roommate with, whether it be emphasizing the “whore” sound of any word containing it, slowly pretending to super-slowly jack ourselves and/or each other off whenever someone does that typical hand-gesture, yelling “I’M NOT FINISHED YET!” and “*insert name here* LET ME FINISH MY *insert product of activity here*” whenever someone is rushing one us, busting out the “Whitest Kids Dance” of repeated uppercut motions in an effort to impress (and generally fail in doing so) ladies on the dance floor at local bars, and whatever other references we can implement that go straight over the head of anyone else nearby. Sadly, we tried The New Thing but we’re totally not smart enough for that. What the fuck is a preposition?

    I have no idea how the show drew last time you were here, but I’d LOVE if you guys came up to Toronto again for another show. My buddy Tom, honest to God, sent me the YouTube link for the classroom sketch 2 nights after you performed up here and after watching that and quickly downloading the first season and burning through it in 2 days, I did a little research and saw you were here and was infuriated that my friend didn’t link me a week earlier. If only I could stick a bunch of shit together and shake it and travel back to see you guys live.

    Just promise me I’ll at least get season 4 and 5 DVDs to compliment my other 3 seasons and Miss March DVDs, okay, Sam?

    Much love, guys, and thanks for the laughter, tears from said laughter, and the vomit that came up and was promptly swallowed back down when I watched an alien shit out of it’s neck. Can’t wait for the 15th!


  15. Sam

    Travis, to answer your question Travis, your message was too long and for that I am never going back to Canada.

    But seriously think of it like how Jackass stopped being a show on MTV. They all went on to do other stuff, like wild boys, and those Bam shows. Then every few years they would make their Jackass movie. Now we’re in our wild boys/viva la bam phase. Hopefully in few years we’ll be in our Jackass the movie phase. Then maybe one day we’ll reach our jackass 3d phase but keep in mind all these goals will be a little harder for us since Jackass was sort of a this huge thing and we’re a bit more cult.

    If you feel passionate that we should make movies and tour all over, you can help us out simply by watching the show and telling your friends. Spreading the word seriously goes a long way. Thanks again and we’ll tour as soon as we can!

    Also we have a show coming up at the Bridgetown comedy festival in a couple weeks in Portland, OR. I’ll make sure to get some stuff about that(date, time, etc.) up on the site about it before then, so come check us out and say hi afterwards.

    This was a pretty long message too, huh? Alright Travis, I take it back, I’ll go back to Canada some day.


  16. Chris M

    Safe to say Sam, I may not be a fan of a 3D Whitest Kids. Specifically because of sketches like Cumfetti.

    I will however, purchase anything possible to support Whitest Kids. (Any news on the release date of Season 4?) But seriously if I saw any of you on a corner selling crack, I would probably buy it. But I hope all of you keep productive, tell Trevor he should aim to be John Cena’s hand double against The Rock.

    If you do come to Canada, Alberta wants you. We got freaking Big Bird/Elmo, we deserve some actual comedy now!

    Damn straight you’re a cult, gimme an address, a sledgehammer, and we’ll find you a proper network.

  17. Nick Wolf

    BUMP! Season 4 on DVD! When? MUST BUY IT!

    Also – watched Season 5 Episode 1 on hulu — Civil War on Drugs looks GREAT. Fingers crossed for watching it as a whole at some point!

  18. Nick Johnston

    Man. When I first heard this I took it as a joke. Now I see it is not. With 100% pure honesty, this show is my favorite show to EVER grace my screen. The five of you travel weary cowboys have made my cry profusely from laughing on many occasions. Knowing now that this will be the final season, I selfishly do not want it to ever end. However, I know you’re all human as well and want to go on and do other important things and to that I tip my hate to you. I wish all of you the best of luck in anything and everything you do.

    P.s. sometime in the future you should consider doing a west coast mini tour. Sacramento, Ca to be exact haha.

    And yeah, is there any word yet on a season 4 dvd/blu ray? The first three seasons are gettig lonely in my dvd case. Much love Sam, and to the rest of yous guys.

  19. Nick Johnston

    And I can’t find you on fb man. is me. Love to hear from ya sometime.

  20. Heather Dailey

    i was not expecting this at all, I’m sad! but, like sam said, they are going to still be around bigger then ever and in many ways (have you heard what they all do? they’re like media monopolists, they’re everywhere!!!) and hey, i was in love with wkuk before i can even remember them airing on fuse and all those little bits of them i could find online were amazing! the tv show will end but not all the awesomeness of the whitest kids, or the fans, we’ll be here till the end! :)

  21. rachel

    i’m going to miss wkuk :( trevor is in a sitcom with the guy from Heathers but what is sam going to be in? he is my celebrity crush. Sam, youre welcome to come to dallas anytime and grape me in the mouth <3

  22. Jennifer

    Witest Kids You Know-
    I would like to say I recently started watching the show. And bravo, you are f-ing hilarious. When Sam and Erick Idol dress as women They are very much alike. You men really have proven to be artists. Well to get to the point I have questions regarding the Civil War movie that you have written. Wonderful plot, public television needs more comedy about marijuana with brains behind it. Well will the movie ever be on the big screen, or ever out on tape for my viewing pleasure?

  23. Levite

    Sam, wanna talk about spreading the word? Me and my friends have hung signs up for the start of the end on April 15th. We’re all pumped and over 500 kids will see that its on, we all love your show and we enjoy eating chips and acting to jack off while watching the show. Btw, your thing when you jacked yourself off with telekenises. Priceless. Lmao. WKUK4Lyfe?!

  24. Perpetrator

    what’s the deal with hulu/netflix? is there one? I saw your first episode on hulu a week ago and noticed this morning they removed the WKUK page over night along with the episode and clips. Was the deal to just preview the new episode? Will the new season be on Netflix? what about the movie? I don’t have cable and I’m not about to either. Come back to Orlando!!!

  25. C Smith

    Man this is such a bummer to hear that this is the end of WKUK. Your skits were off the wall and clever. Miles and miles ahead of crap like Saturday Night Live. I wish nothing but the best for you all and would love to know how to keep up on all your upcoming projects. I don’t want to miss a laugh, chuckle or a grossed out face. Thank you so much for all the entertainment you have provided it was an awesome ride.

    Cheers !!

  26. Nick l

    I am very disappointed that this is your last season. I have been watching WKUK since the beginning. Everyone at my school loves it. We are always quoting skits like Abe Lincoln and the Grapist. We also sing Triumph of the ill (which I have on my iPod) and gay for America. Everyone wishes you guys didn’t have to break up. But we know that We will see you guys on different shows and movies. The best of luck to you all.

  27. wkuk fan

    If u guys r doin another comedy tour…. then come to NJ!!!!! ( and someone told me that u hav to be 18 to see ur show, is that true?)

  28. jackson

    hey guys thank you for all the awesome work you have done. I have laughed harder than i though possible when watching guys, and i would like to second the man who called for a tour to Sacramento! Let you loyal fans know when u guys are up to something cause i cant get enough.

  29. wkuk is awsome

    please dont end your show i just can’t believe how funny you guys are its like legitemate that i haven’t seen a show that made me laugh for like hours until my uncles showed me yours so all in all just mull it over about ending the show plese

  30. wkuk is awsome

    is there any other show that you guys may be in cause if so i have to know

  31. legalizeweedplease

    That is too bad. I get a lot of ideas from you guy’s material, when I play video games online I turn on my mic and my buddy and me put on a bit of a comedy show. o well, you guys did good. Trevor is the best, Timmy you suck. jk

  32. fuckifc

    whats up with ifc censoring and having commercials now eh? Shit’s fucking gay.

  33. Jon

    You guys are the best thing on television! I’m gonna miss WKUK, but I hope you go out with a bang! SO far this season’s been hysterical! Whenever you go on tour, make sure to make a stop around the Detroit area! Keep being awesome, we love you guys!

  34. Ronald Wilson Reagan

    I think you guys should definitely try and do another show or a movie or two in the future if you feel like it. Your show was and is pretty damn funny. And The Civil War on Drugs is pretty good so far. The whole ‘god telling white people to suck it’ thing is pretty odd since the two main characters are white. I guess they’re just too stupid to realize it, or something.

  35. Shayla Moss

    Dude I can’t believe this is the end……
    Still my favorite show in the world and I love all of you guys you are fucking awesome as hell!!

  36. Platinumommy

    Okay, I just discovered you guys…haven’t seen anything like it since Britain’s “League of Gentlemen”…my two children aged 9 and 6 are not allowed to watch…hubby let them watch some, but I don’t wanna have to start washing mouths out with Ivory!!! Seriously though, I have been waiting since Flight of the Choncords to see some incredible comedy, and you beat all of them hands down! Thank you for the gift you give to all of us 40 somethings..we really need to laugh! Sam, you must find a way to incorporate some Cape Cod Humor in something new! I live in Harwich and we are big fans!

  37. Levi

    You guys are awesome and I want to mail you bags of money to show my gratitude, but than I read that you just want me to spread the word. I’ve got you some new fans but don’t think that is enough so please take my sister. Shea had a couple kids but I hear things are

  38. Levi

    You guys are awesome and I want to mail you bags of money to show my gratitude, but than I read that you just want me to spread the word. I’ve got you some new fans but don’t think that is enough so please take my sister. Shea had a couple kids but I hear things are still good down there. Oh well maybe one day you guys will have a reunion like Lynard Skynard and it will just be Timmy and some guys that we never heard of.

  39. Kyler

    Sam, iv watch wkuk from the first season and me and my friends were bumed out when we heard the 5th season was the last. I hope you guys have future things in mind, (i hope you do). I’ll always be a wkuk fan.

  40. kyreilss

    I’m sad that this is wkuk’s final season, but I can’t wait to see what comes next. (:

    Much love, Kyreilss.

  41. Michael

    I’m really sad bout that i mean i got my mom into wkuk… Trevor… I love you man!

  42. Joe

    You guys are awesome and I’ll watch anything you do. If someone doesn’t like WKUK I’ll punch them in the face.

  43. Luc Cole

    FUCK you Sam. I HATE you! I HATE you! I HATE you! I’m locking myself in my room and playing my guitar!

  44. Gage

    you guys should just find a nother network i think your funny enuff to do it

  45. Miles Godin

    You guys are the best. Ur writing is good. It is just the way I think. since i am 15 and still in middle school no one gets my humor. I am going to miss you guys so much. if u r reading this then tell bob i said hi.

  46. Ambrose Lembo

    Excellent read. I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. He just bought me lunch since I found it for him! Therefore let me rephrase: Thank you for lunch!

  47. Trey

    Hey Sam is there anyway I could get the cast’s autograph it’s my birthday coming up and that would be cool .

  48. Rob

    Love ur guys show sooo much have been a loyal fan since 04 , i have seasons 1-3 on dvd cant wait for the new seasons, are they out already? soon? aslo can i buy the Civil War on Drugs on dvd?

  49. John Morrison

    Thanks for the 5 years of television worth watching. I didn’t know the show was ending and searched for some season 6 info and saw your note. Your show is one of a kind, me and my friends always ask why show don’t have real humor, the type of stuff we talk and joke about…but yours was the easiest to relate to with real humor that we ever came across. Thank you.

    I only wish I could have seen this post sooner or I would have helped a lot sooner. I have everything needed to edit and encode your episodes together to make a Civil War on Drugs torrent. The best part is IT’S ALL LEGAL FOR ONCE!!! That Uwe Boll turd tried to sue me, so just do me a favor and keep this page active. In this day and age all the big torrent sites could use some legit content and would love the contribution. I’ll link to this page and the main site in the info section too. Thanks for everything and let me know if I can get in on the whole “let me know if someone is going to shoot me” thing.

  50. John Morrison

    I was so excited about some legal encoding for a good show that my grammar above clearly suffered haha.

  51. Renard Snead

    im so upset that the 5th season is the last ): wkuk is so funny it helps me when im sad and everything i can never stop laughing when i see it. I hope to see you guys together again someday , or anywhere you guys are funny as hell <3 Goodluck to all of you <3

  52. blackest kid u know

    You have something great with wkuk its rare for me to see continued seasons that continue to get better and you guys did it. If by chance your career seems to halt or not move toward to as you guys planned then you will always have something to fall back on you left your checkpoint in the entertainment industry. But im sure you guys will expand in your success good luck. p.s. Im not really black

  53. Beckie Househ

    Wish it could be Saturday forever! We’ll miss seeing so much of you guys – sooooo talented! Looking forward to your future endeavors.

  54. That Guy

    Trevor wrote Poop Balls on my shirt in Chicago at the UP Comedy Club! It was a really
    good show guys! Just put seasons 4 and 5 on DVD. I have Netflix but god damn! When I torrent good music I always go and buy it afterwards. Money money money money moneybags.

  55. Sarah

    You guys can’t forget about Chicago! I live in Michigan and would love to go spend the evening with you funny fucks && eat some awesome pizza. I’ve “talked” to Trevor a few times via interwebs and would be one sad panda if I missed out:(

  56. Samantha

    I may not have the longest message on here but I just would like to give my congratulations and a big thank you for everything you have produced for us, your fans. My favorite skit still has to be : Dear black people. But I’ve loved all your shows. Thank you very much and good luck to everyone.
    P.S. Trevor I have always thought you were sexy. ;)

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  58. Nathan

    I wish they would have a season 6

  59. Jeff

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  64. Hmmm me

    Hiiii guys. I can not believe you guys are not together anymore. Ok, I know I am in 2015 but it still hurts!
    I am from Brazil and your show and your jokes allowed me to understand how american´s mind and humor works, and because of that was easier to make friends.
    So, thank you all for being such a genius, I just love each and all of you
    P.s zach do not get married except for if its with me ok? still crushing so hard on you…. You know a guy is your guy when you think he´s hot even dressed as a woman…

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