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Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Since it’s 4/20 -if you haven’t seen the first chapter of our new ‘Civil War on Drugs’ movie –

    here’s the link! (2nd part airs Friday on IFC)


Monday, April 18th, 2011

The WKUK (all five of us) will be presenting our new movie ‘The Civil War on Drugs’ tonight (Monday April 18th) at 8 pm @ the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles!

We’ll also do a sketch or two and a Q& A after the film! Come hang out! It’ll be fun!

Tickets are available here!

Season 5 starts today!!! 10:30pm et/pt

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Watch our fifth season tonight on IFC!!! and check us out on twitter, Timmy and I will be live tweeting the episode! #wkuk @timmyisanerd @sambrown42069 I’m going to try to do something on youstream while it airs too. So you can watch me watching me! My mind just blew up. I’ll keep you update.

Whitest Kids at Bridgetown Comedy Festival April 22!

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Hey Everybody!

The Whitest Kids are performing live in Portland, Oregon on Friday, April 22! We’ll be doing some of our favorite live sketches and showing some videos from Season 5! It’s part of the 2011 Bridgetown Comedy Festival, which has tons and tons of other awesome people involved too! Plus some of us WKUK will also be wandering around the festival and doing stand-up! It’s going to be a fun time! Come hang out with us!

Whitest Kids at Bridgetown
Friday, April 22
Hawthorne Theatre
1507 SE 39th Ave



Final Season on IFC

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

It’s true, on April 15th at 10pm et/pt our fifth and final season is premiering on IFC.

Now I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from fans upset that we’re stopping the show and I want to just say that we are all still friends and Whitest Kids is still something. So even if we aren’t on IFC, don’t worry, we’ll still be making or performing comedy. Now we’re all concentrating on what’s next for us and in a lot of cases these post-”whitest kids on IFC” projects are things we are getting each other involved with.

Please spread the word to watch the show this season. Every episode we shot will end with an installment of “The Civil War on Drugs”, a mini mini series we made about two friends in the 19th century who accidentally think that the Civil War is being fought over pot and take it upon themselves to “legalize it”. We wrote it as a movie so if you take the time to, you could edit them all together and it would work… or maybe someone will take the time to do that and put it up on some torrent sites. Hopefully we’ll be able to screen it as a whole somewhere or release it as its own thing so keep an eye out for that.

Enjoy and keep checking in here when the show is airing cause I’m sure we’ll do some sort of live chat like we have in past seasons.

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