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I’m hosting ‘The Midnight Show’ in Los Angeles this Saturday!

Monday, December 28th, 2009

It should be a lot of fun! There will be sketches … and … sketches … and you can buy beer there too! It’ll be great! You should come!!!

Here’s where to RSVP tickets!

PLUS!! It’ll be in the year 2010! Crazy, right?

Happy end of 2009!!!

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

I am home(my mom’s house) doing laundry wide awake with nothing to do but aimlessly sit on the computer, which I feel is safe to say, a place most of us have been before. Somehow I ended up here so I figured why not do another blog entry. I need to double check but I think this is my first entry on my whitest kids blog that I actually wrote out. Sorry, I’m lazy. So much so that even now as I write this blog entry I do not know if I am going to finish it. Lazy. Anyway, within the spirit of the season I decided to remember what 2009 was to me. I tried to do my best to write this chronologically but my best doesn’t always cut it so please ignore any mistakes. The same goes with spelling and grammar.

New Years Eve was fun.
Obama hadn’t been inaugurated yet then all the sudden he was and we had a black president but that wasn’t too different from having a white president really. I mean I support him but I feel like there was an all around disappointment when he didn’t legalize pot or arrest George W. Bush for being lame.
I went on tour and the show came out(season 3). Had a good time there. Saw most of the country, slept on a bus and met some cool people.
Ended it off in Austin and went to SXSW which was fun. Learned what twitter was.
Then we started writing season 4.
Went to LA to do a promo shoot for IFC then decided to move to LA after shooting season 4.
Bernard Maydoff showed us how wrong white collar crimes can be.
Chris Brown hit Ryana.
I went home for 4th of July and ate seafood and BBQ.
Michael Jackson died and everyone was like “no way!”
Then Fara Fawcett.
And Billy Mayes!!! Things were getting out of hand.
Then we shot season 4
Did a couple of college shows. Traveling! I have a love hate relationship with traveling, I’ll tell you.
Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at some weird concert/benefit on MTV and everyone made a bigger deal about it than they did the whole Chris Brown debacle. In fact they made such a big deal about it, Taylor Swift is like the MOST famous person now.
I went camping for a weekend in New Jersey.
Jenny Slate said fuck on SNL. I was already proud to know her for a lot of reasons, that was just one more.
I started a band called Sir Frog and we performed 4 shows.
Got to meet some of the members of Monty Python. Crazy.
The Yankees won the world series and everyone was sad.
Then Patrick Swayze died!
For Halloween I was Larry Bird and saw another Larry Bird at the party I went to.
I went to Austin to Fun Fun Fun fest and came back with “Hakuna Matata” tattooed on my ribs.
With Season 4 shot I packed up all my worldly possessions and drove it to Glendale where it all resides in a storage space.
Came back east for the rest of 2009.
I saw “New Moon”, which I pronounce “Newman”, and loved it. I’m team Charlie. There was a movie within the movie “Newman” called “Face-Punch!”. “Face-Punch!” is my favorite movie.
Christmas happened.
And that bring us up to date.
I hope I have a fun New Year’s Eve.
I hope you do too!

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