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  1. Amanda Blaze

    will the premiere be in LA?

  2. Chelsie

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks again for coming out to the University of Maryland and making our Advanced Screening of your movie a really fun event!

  3. Edison Culver

    Yeah you guys were great at the screening at UMD! The movie is so amazing I couldn’t stop laughing. I really can’t wait until it comes out.

  4. Heather

    I hope the screening is in California!
    …advanced screening tickets for huge fans?

  5. Dani

    i cant wait for the movie to come out….. YAY!!

  6. 56corpses

    Do you hear that Trevor?!
    They’re calling you the new Jim Carrey!!!

  7. Amy

    I hope the screening is in NY ! I can’t wait till this movie comes out I absolutely love you guys ! And my 21st b day is in March so I can really party before I watch it rock on !!!

  8. Austin

    Hey guys
    Super huge fan of the show! keep up the awesomely awesome work! so going to see the new movie. It will be the shizzy! I also had a suggetion you should toatlly make a skit on Obama or more politics than just super dog. Well if you would like to hear more send me e-mails at sass_k4@acegroup.cc so hopefully you look me up and send me an email.

  9. Rob

    I hear you guys are coming to show an advanced screening for the students of Indiana University!

    Is it true??

  10. Sapphy

    Hi all! I just watched the midnight premiere of your movie last night and it was awesome! I couldn’t stop laughing. It was so amazing.

  11. Mort

    Greetings from Kabul, Afghanistan.

    Hey Tucker Clay, you are awesome man! I watched this movie with all my friends. Actually you have become so popular in whole Afghanistan. I was wondering if you’re still banging Candace? Haha! Dude you got very funny character, we love it! Afghanistan loves you!


  12. Mort

    …. to be honest, I watch this movie every night, it’s been like 2 months LOL

  13. ryan

    will the movie be in 2011 and will it be in canada

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  15. elian

    the best series of sketch I saw in my life …. miss march was very good …. Greetings from Paraguay

  16. Johne170

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  17. Mynar

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