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Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since we’ve updated the site so I just thought I’d let you know what we’re all doing. We’re about halfway through the writing process for season 3! And we’re really happy with what we’ve got. It should be a really cool season! We just got back to NY from Los Angeles (where we were writing this year) and we’ll probably start doing shows around the city in the next couple of months. The show begins filming in August, so we’ll keep you posted with pictures from the set and stuff like that.
We’ll be doing another live-chat on the site pretty soon, so stay posted and we’ll let you know when that is. Anyway, we’ll be updating more and more frequently now! Talk to you guys soon!

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  1. Stephen

    Are you and Zach done with filming for the film you guys are working on?

  2. sA

    i was getting worried when things were going to happen

  3. Thalia


  4. Trevor

    We’re almost done! We’ll be done in the next week or so!

  5. Victor Chaos

    Chill, Chill.

  6. Victor Chaos

    What about season 2 on dvd

  7. Zainab

    Wicked awesome :PI totally cant wait!!

  8. Heather in PA

    I’m getting surgery in the beginning of august…I’ll have to limp myself up to NY for a show. :)

  9. cORY a

    Come to NEW HAMPSHIRE!

  10. Gigi Valo

    Oh how nice! =] im glad you guys are doing well, and how was it in LA? I hope to see the movie soon =] ‚ô•

    Thank you for keeping us posted To keep the promotion going well! im so glad for that ^-^
    Im looking forward to going on those shows! =D

    Love you guys

  11. Ally_Has_No_IFC

    Oh thank god a new update!

    I was afraid you all died in a horrible accident or something.

    YAY for the 3rd season!!!

    Keep up the good work.

  12. little_miss_placebo

    heyy…can’t wait for 3rd season!!! i’m so xcited!

  13. Justine

    yay can’t wait!
    please do some all ages shows or atleast like 16 and up because im 16 and i have been dying to see you guys live!
    you guys rock!

  14. erock

    Can’t WAIT!
    U guys are great

  15. stephanie

    i cant wait to talk to ya guys on chat!!! i congrats on your show!! it really deserves it!!!

    love ya!!

  16. WC


  17. gus

    what about your computer crashing??

    oh noes! you had me worried there for a few weeks!

  18. nicole

    : D
    it must be my birthday or something, haha.

    i wish i’d known you were in LA, you would have been stalked or something.

  19. Aljosha

    You guys r fuckin gr8.!!!!!I love comedy, and it’s been a while since i had a good laugh, and u guys sure know how to provide some! High 5 from Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trevor&Zach&Timmy&Sam&Darren u rock.
    If possible make Darren’s character more in front. No offence though, Darren’s cool but just kindda invisible sometimes.
    We luv u here as well. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

  20. JULIA

    Yay, you’re gonna start filming soon!
    I totally WON’T be running around Brooklyn looking for your set…. >_>

  21. Hannah


  22. Laura

    Miss you guys and all of your billboards in NY!!!

  23. Artzilla

    Awesummmmmmmm! Can’t wait.

  24. SnowWHite

    I want to come see you guys when you come to NY. You’ll keep us posted about that, right? =)

  25. Martha

    yeah season 3. I so exited
    i also am waiting for season 2 to go on DVD..whenever that may be.
    and you’re all done with the movie you and zach were working on.
    Yay. im happy
    but sad cause i won’t be going to any of those shows.
    i really want to see you guys live.

  26. naydi

    welcome back to the world wide web! it did miss you so…

  27. Cat

    Yay! Happy to see that everything is coming along good. We all love you guys and I’m so excited to see an update! Can’t wait to maybe see one of the shows in the city and be around for live chat.
    Much love and super psyched-ness!

  28. Heather. =D

    AAAHHHH. An update. Yay! ^__^;;

    You guys make this world worth living in. xD

  29. Josie


  30. Shane

    Sweet. I’ll definately be around for the live chat. I can’t wait for season 3. Sounds very freaking awesome.

  31. Zane

    u guys r my favorite comedy group, or favorite comedy actully, the dinosaur rap is freakin awsome haha its the most catchy song ive ever heard

  32. Shannon

    That is awesome Trevor!
    You guys really should start coming in the chatroom more often now because ever since the show’s been off it’s been REALLY dead

  33. Victoria

    You guys are so hot. I’d get high with you guys and some dinosaurs anytime. ;)

  34. kayleigh

    nose goes!

  35. Monica

    Are we allowed to know the whereabouts of this filming process?

  36. Josie

    Great to hear about the movie! but when do u think season 2 will be out on DvD? and are their gonna be season 2 re-runs???? as well as Those little previews of season 3? just wondering! i still think your spare time you oughta drop by Charlottesville because i emailed the peeps at the paramount they said they’d be glad to have you guys! which would rock VA’s SOX!

  37. Adam K

    I agree! Come to New Hampshire!!

  38. Louis

    it has been awhile you guys, but nice to you you keeping up with your fans

  39. I heart WKUK

    That’s great news. You think maybe you could make it less of the trevor and zach show though? we like ALL of you guys!

  40. c-to tha-aitlin!

    Yes! So Im guessing the show will be on later next year than it was this year, oh well it’ll be worth the wait. =D

  41. Thalia

    Come to Seattle!!

  42. Justine Alexandra

    finally an update
    :D can’t wait for season 3!
    or for the season 2 DVD.

  43. Josie

    Agreed US Summer tour would be awesome.

  44. Elena

    hey guys, when is season 2 coming to dvd??

  45. alex

    hey, how do i join the site… message me at my email above or through myspace… please.

  46. Brittney!!!

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  47. Jimmy is dope

    Come do a show in NH. We’re all bored as fuck. D:

  48. holly


  49. sA

    i also want to know when season 2 DVD comes out. that way i wont have to watch recordings on my DVR

  50. Josie

    Comment toward WKUK:

    Would The Whitest Kids Possibly Do a Charity for the CASPCA here in Charlottesville if we got some other people so it became a major event because we really need this shelter noticed please email me on my adress above.

  51. Danelle Jamuile

    i used to live in c’ville yo! haha
    just became a fan :-) so any body know what the big scoop on a season 2 DVD??? :P

  52. Heather in PA

    Speaking of charity, if you ever get bored, you could do some stuff for Lupus awareness…considering your biggest fan has it. :P

  53. Austin

    thnks for updating

  54. Miles


    Keep up the hilarious skits I’m totally stoked for season 3! If you guys ever do a show in Cincinnati you can count on me and all my friends to be there.

  55. wkukrox159753

    OMG!!! I love the wkuk sooo much!! I can’t wait till season 3!!! U GUYS ROCK!!!

  56. Austin

    I seen every skit i cant wait till season 3 comes out but it sucks cause i have no cable so im stuck watchin them on youtube so keep up the good work guys your doin very well.:]

  57. Erin

    Keep us updated with any NYC shows!!

  58. c-to tha-aitlin!

    for those of you who listened to the commentary on the season 1 dvd, you know that cat congress was supposed to be in season 2 but it wasnt so its going to be in season 3 which is in production. i made this in paint and im not sure if its really congress or not but i made it anyway.

  59. Josie

    Heather in PA Says:
    June 18th, 2008 at 12:02 am
    Speaking of charity, if you ever get bored, you could do some stuff for Lupus awareness…considering your biggest fan has it.

    Agreed that would be a really good idea to do an east cost charity tour for local diseases and shelters for instence in PA lupus
    VA animal shelter
    Florida Lyme Disease (i have it so does my friend and my dad)
    so. that makes it a really good idea.

    ps yesterday was my b-day ^_^ :-)

  60. MildredMaxi

    So I’m just guessing that there will be at least 2 sketches in Season 3 with reference to menstruation. One of you is obsessed with it. And that kind of creeps me out. Kind of. Why aren’t there sketches about premature ejaculation? I here that’s sometimes an embarrassing yet funny subject. Maybe it’s too trite….

  61. MildredMaxi


  62. C.Atherton

    Thanks for the update. You guys are so amazing. All of your sketches are so hilarious. I can watch them over and over again and still laugh really hard.

    Long live WKUK!
    Go go season 2 DVD!

  63. Sarah

    Why is Trevor Moore so hot? Does anybody else think that? I wonder, I wonder…. I just thought of a question! How creeped out would you guys be if you saw a cardboard cut-out of yourselves doing a sketch? Oh! And it was put up for auction! Would you laugh, or would you not be able to shake the feeling that someone likes you guys WAY too much? What if it was a dude? How much did he bid? For what purpose could he possibly want to buy that? Do you expect to see his house completely filled with home-made wkuk dolls?! CRAZY!!!! That’s like totally insecure crazy. I would feel so voilated…..

  64. Rebecca

    Can’t wait!

  65. Anjel

    cool. you should come somewhere close to arlington, TX…

    P.S. woot. south dakota! i used to live there…but not in watertown…my big sister did though…



  66. Josie

    So… um.. yeah when are the Live Chats gonna happen again? i kinda like the blogging better but chats are good to and amanda my mom deleted my myspace and facebook. so my email adress is

  67. Sarah

    On the skit called give me the guns, or something amazing like that, when Trevor asks if he has any last words Timmy says just three. He doesn’t say anything after that. Could you guys not come up with anything to say? After a while it started to bother me, so I asked my sister, and she doesn’t know…=] I thought it was hilarious just how bothered by it I was, so will you answer me?

  68. naydi

    They did come up with something for him to say: “Yes, just three”

  69. Sarah

    OH!!!!!! =/ Sweet. Thanks.

  70. DAVE

    man, since i’ve been watching you guys about 5 months back, life has been better!!! thanks

  71. Assmuncher

    keep laughing this was my dead aunts name

  72. AznPerson

    Mwahaha. Add some Asian flavour! >w

  73. Khory

    You guys should really try to make a movie

  74. Katie

    if they made a movie I would die of laughter. It would probably be the best movie out there right next superbad and borat. Please make a whitest kids movie!!! My life would be complete…

  75. brian

    yeah you guys could definitely make a funny ass movie. also, Trevor, dude you should seriously consider makin an album your songs are all hilarious and extremely catchy.

  76. Leah

    YAY! I hope it’s even better than the last! You guys get better and better each season, especially since your switch to ifc where they let you have alot more freedom! Good luck!! I can’t wait!!


    PS You guys write/perform the best sketch comedy ever – studio AND live!!
    Keep Kicking ass!!!

  77. debbie

    ok so first, i freakin LOVE the show. and second.. you said youre starting filming in august…when is the 3rd season going to air???

  78. Josie

    ummm…. how soon is soon and when in august is filming starting! GAAH i HAVE TO KNOW OR ELSE I MIGHT HAVE TO eat a potato chip and…. BEGIN WATCHING OLD CRAP WHICH OF ALL IS ISN’T FUNNY AND IF YOU DONT START SOON! MY FAT SISTER IS GOING TO FORCE ME TO WATCH THE HISTORY CHANEL OMG *Gasp* yeah…. im boreded please update soon!

  79. Justin Tachions


  80. Justin Tachions


  81. Josie

    Excellent photo!

  82. ylmz

    Excellent photo!

  83. c-to tha-aitlin!

    srsly zach whats with the hat??

  84. naydi

    my google alerts took me to a girl’s page talking about a screening she went to in LA on Monday… no photos, though… you’ll be happy to know that she and her boy also found the movie hilarious… can’t wait to see it!!! (or to, at least, start seeing trailers and shite)

    thanks for sharing the photo, Justin ;}

  85. Josie

    will trailers be shown on ifc? or any cable or television servers? just wanderin’ so i can keep teh look out!!! ^_^ :-D

  86. Amanda

    OH MY GOD! Was that screening at the Block? My friend went to that… and it’s seriously five minutes from my house!!! I wish I would have known!!! If there’s another one, I wanna know about it, haha

  87. Josie

    man i really wish i could go to a screening, you all that can go are lucky!

  88. naydi

    i think she did say it was at The Block! i want to know how it is that people Do find out about that kind of shit? i mean, nobody’s coming a-running to screen ANYthing up here in Boston; but you never know….

  89. Elizabeth

    Just took the whitest quiz you know…Apparently I birthed one of you guys. Stoked to see the new season! I loved the skit on the period fairy, the guy I was seeing thought I was wrong to be laughing considering I am a girl. The truth hurts though…or it’s wicked funny

  90. Darcy

    OMG! Trevor, is the cartoon book on ebay really u?

  91. Celia!

    Where are you guys? Seriously omggg. DDDX

  92. Chloe

    Hey are you guys going to make any sort of appearance at Comic-Con this year?

  93. hu-dogg

    Timmy, I know who you really are. its been 1 too many times that fate has forced us to meet. its been in the back of my mind and on the tip of my tongue for so long I just never realized it. you are batman. i know i told you that we’d always be together no matter the circumstances, but i wasn’t sober and lied. i want you to know that i am now in love with whip boy. i couldn’t get him out of my head since the day we met in the deli section of shop rite and he let me touch his whip.
    I am not so truly sorry it had to end this way but you can take that up with whip boy not me.
    sort of sincerely,
    I’m pregnant with batman jr. so you better start writing those checks.

  94. Liz

    Any chance of you guys having any live shows in Los Angeles??

  95. Dave

    Can´t you get the rest of season two on

  96. Kristin Hassle

    Hello guys! When are you going to start touring?

  97. Melynda Allen

    I keep watching for information on the live chat with you guys! I can’t wait. When’s it gonna be? By the way..I own you on myspace!

  98. Bobby McCowan

    This is one of my favorite shows, funniest skit was the abe lincoln and the guy who comes back with a gun. I was disappointed when fuse left standard cable but I own episodes 1-10. I look forward to the third season. Keep up the genius. Sic semper tyrannis.

  99. little_miss_placebo

    can someone tell me when they’re doing live chat?? u guys are AWESOME!! love ya wkuk

  100. Giselle Valo


    well live chat starts when season 3 starts. every time the WK show is on,
    Everyone’s there :) which i LOVE! FUN times lol :D

    weeellll Guys, any other updates? ;) ’cause this ones been a long time ago…=s eheh

  101. tiina_peace

    omfg!!! i love you favorite episode was about you guys talking about periods lol.?.

  102. tiina_peace

    darren is freaking hot!!


    O MAN…… U GUYS FKN ROCK!!!! I LOVE ALL UR SHOWS (dude, u guys are just sooo hilariouse!!!!) TREVOR I LOVE YOU!!!!!
    u guys are awesome!!!! xD

  104. Maria Catalina

    u guys rock! I cant wait until the movie comes out. it sounds super cool. Viva Puerto Ricans! Peace out!

  105. Maria Catalina

    oh and also do u guys have facebooks? if so add me as ur friend por favor my name is M.C.Cross.

  106. c-to tha-aitlin!

    trevor revealed more of the playboys plot in this article. it may be a few months old but still.

  107. Courtney.... thats what she said

    your show is my life :D
    i know every skit by heart
    funniest shit ive ever seen
    haha its not the normal show a 14 year old girl TiVo’s but i dont care
    i love you guys
    im SO excited for season three! woohoo!

  108. Pauli311


    I have never laughed so hard in my life continuously. I continue to show these episodes to all of my friends and there is no limit to the number of times I can watch your guys’ antics.

    Keep up the great work and I hope you all are around for ages to come! SEASON 3 BABY!!!

    My friends and I always keep a gallon jug labeled “PCP” in our fridges, in great honor. My mother was like WHAT THE HELL when I had her visit recently. (I am 23 so at this age I guess she thinks anything is still possible!)

  109. josh

    dear trevor,
    i think wkuk is the best show i have ever freaking watched. you guys are the absolute best!!
    p.s. how did you make your poop balls shirt? did you get printed on or was it sharpie and a shirt?
    sincerely, josh.

  110. germish of old

    I was tripping on acid the day your Everest Climber Episode premiered, and I swear to god, I was watching it all day in utter confusion and fear, but I come to find out that once I came down from my trip a bit and actually watched the episode was the first time it was on.

    How the hell can that happen? Be ye wizards of old?

    Also… I liked the time machine sketch where you ended up in a fractal…

    Good stuff. You should make like an epically funny movie. I will actually pay money to see it.

  111. steve121

    Great cant wait to see it :D
    its a shame coz i live in england and i dont get IFC over here so if u can please upload clips of season 3 when its out :D thanks :D

  112. Josie

    Hey i was wandering if they are gonna do like they did last year on ifc and show little clips between programs? for the new season. any date to be looking out for right now Dvd, Season 3? ANYTHING!! im kinda bordedlol.

  113. Monica

    updates haven’t been frequent at all!
    anywho, looking forward to season 3

  114. brrrockie o'bama

    evar since saison un, i haz been up to my knees! in lulz….bling awn 3 and hullly up

  115. Rando

    You guys need to get on the ball do some updates to this thing!! :D

    You guys got any live performances coming up in the city anytime soon?

  116. Elizabeth

    When you get done filming and decide that you are worthy of a break, come to a different coast this year. I offer a futon, 2 sofas, coffee and white sand beaches, bitches. Gulf Coast it this year, c’mon! B.Y.O.B. you’d drink my entire check. :)

  117. EvilGenocide

    Nice Trevor xD Keeping on updates, you kids are humble at what you do. Er, yay! Fanks for the update :3 I t0lly praise the fact you actually update for us, instead of making us wait a half year for making worse crap o.o
    Dude, seriously, you guys are probably one of the best comedies still out. I say you’re on the top 3 o_o seasons 1 and 2 were just matched, sounds like season 3′s going to own :D you guys are genius’s don’t stop, you guys own so hard ^o^

  118. anthony-wkukrox

    hey everyone im confused i know the show starts in august but what day???? plz comment after anyone with info even trevor..nd the gang……so plz do so cuz im just confused love the show just wanna know the exact date lol so yea-your fried anthonyroman

  119. anthony-wkukrox

    wow im stupid they start filmin in august!!! lol my bad but still wanna kno when the show starts lol my bad =P

  120. c-to tha-aitlin!

    im learning to appreciate zachs love of hats

  121. JJ from p.h.

    hey great season 2 guys and by the way when are you gonna write a new blog or something and when does the third season start…o and timmy is fat…hahahaha

  122. JJ from p.h.

    hey when does the third season… good job with the 2nd season too…and when are u guys gonna write an new blog…and timmys fat!

  123. Meaux

    Do u guys realize how much we worship u in the city of minneapolis? please come!!! that would be amazing!!! just thinking about it turns my mood ring green…

  124. Jacob

    i can’t wait for the season 3 and when will it be on like in 1 or 2 month can’t fucking wait for the season you guys are so fucking funny as hell keep up the good work and keep funny a clean just kid can’t wait for the new season

  125. Lauren

    can’t wait for season 3!

  126. Lauren

    you guys are hilarious! keep up the great work!

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