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Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

IFC has put up their official WHITEST KIDS U’ KNOW site!
It’s has a BRAND NEW SKETCH FROM SEASON 2! A bulletin board, wallpapers, downloads, and it’ll also have all of the sketches from Season 1 uncensored!
So go and check it out!



Gearing Up….

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

OMG guys!!! Check out the Lincoln tunnel!!!!

Those billboards just went up last week and more are coming!! We’re also going to start leaking some sketches fromm season 2 REALLY REALLY soon!
So, sorry this site has been kind of quiet lately. We’ve been EXTREMELY busy getting the show’s finished – but keep checking back, a lot of stuff is going to start happening.

About the DVD: It should be out in December or January. I saw them mastering it the other day! Hooray!

About Season 2: The first five episodes are completely finished. And we’re really, really excited about them! The other five should be done soon and are looking awesome as well.

Thanks for everyone’s continued comments and mail! We appreciate it!! In just a couple months we’ll all be liveblogging and watching the shows again!!! Yaaaaaaay!!

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