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The next season of ‘The Whitest Kids U’ Know’ is going to be on the IFC channel!! We are really excited about this for a bunch of reasons!
First: If you get the FUSE network – odds are you get IFC. So everyone who already watches the show, still can!
Second: The second season will be COMPLETELY UNCENSORED! No more bleeps or blurs!
And Third: There will be no commercial breaks! Which means the shows will actually be longer!
We’re going to begin shooting the second season in the next week or so and we’re really excited about the sketches. We’ll keep you updated with news and pictures from the shoots.
And we’ll let you know when they should hit the air!
Until then, you can still catch the first season’s re-runs on FUSE until season 2 comes out!

Here’s the announcement in Variety!!!

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  1. Mad Ann Flint

    Awesome! I can’t wait! Until then, I’ll just keep laughing my ass off at the re-runs. You guys are really amazing, and WKUK is definitely the funniest sketch show on TV. Move over SNL…the boys are back in town!

    Yaharrrr from the Pirate Princess!

  2. Molly

    That is awesome! No commercials! Or Censorship! Those beeps were annoying.

  3. Erica just cannot keep up with WKUK anymore

    that’s fucking insane but I don’t know if I get that channel!!
    I do have Fuse and all but I’ve never heard of IFC….

  4. Big S

    Fucking sweet! Can’t wait to see the new episodes when they come on! And I can’t wait to see them uncensored.

  5. Kip

    The IFC is usually bundled with the movie channels, so everyone with only basic digital cable will be unable to watch the next season. I’d say most people who get FUSE probably do not have IFC.

  6. Matthew

    Sorry whitest kids that is a terrible mistake because IFC for most places isnt part of standard cable but fuse is!

  7. Gina

    I never thought something that normal could happen! yay!!! :-D

  8. Crystal

    This is so awsome! I can’t wait!

  9. Malice

    sweet, i checked an i do get IFC, so i will be able to see the second season!
    haha, uncensored AND longer, cant wait guys!

  10. Pam

    THAT IS INSANE!!!!!! I had been telling all my friends for the longest time that it would be so much better if ya’ll were on IFC. I think that it is fantatic and I even think I made a post on it on IMDB or something of the sort a while ago on how I think it would be better.

  11. hu-dogg

    that is amazing. do you think you guys are going to miss fuse? im going to miss watching you guys on fuse. stay awesome and cool. there is an almost visual cloud of sweat hovering above me in NY. i feel sorry for everybody in the west.

  12. Pam

    Wait what does…”net has acquired the first two seasons of “The Whitest Kids U’ Know”…mean? Does that mean that they will soon be showing first season on IFC as well?!?!?!

  13. Amber loves P!ATD,FOB,and WKUK

    i dont get IFC my life is fucking over……
    why fuse is a great channel!!!!!!!!!!1??????/
    fuck dude…….fuck

  14. Alexis

    Oh man…I was just bugging out because I didn’t think I had that channel. But I do :-).

    Can’t wait for the second season :-).

  15. vickie

    that’s not fair. i don’t have IFC!! my life is over.

  16. naydi

    wait…. I DON’T HAVE TO WATCH FUSE ANYMORE??????????!!!!!!!




    Quick question (Lord forbid a fan be satisfied): Will season 2 still be an abbreviated 10 episode deal – hmm, or are 10 episodes pretty much the standard for 1st run cable?

  17. kate

    I just checked and I get IFC….if I didn’t I’d probably cry….AND NO COMMERCIALS YES!!! i

  18. Bob

    Yes! But what was wrong with Fuse? I’d think you’d get more recognition there then you would at IFC. But oh well. Uncensorship rocks.

  19. Celia

    That is so awesome!
    I just checked, I get IFC.
    I’m so stoked for the second season.

  20. amanda


    &now fuse will have lyk no good shows.
    cept 4 stevens untitled rock show.
    FUSE is really going down the tunes…

    what channel is this IFC on IO digital cable on long island newyork? ne body no?

  21. Claire

    OH MY GOD!!! I just had the biggest panic attack/adrenaline rush while searching to make sure I got that channell, I was like spaztically pounding on the remote button, how crazy is this?! Ur insane funniness is turning us into addicts!

  22. Claire

    OH MY GOD!! I just had the biggest panic attack/adrenaline rush while searching to make sure I got that channel, I was like spaztically pounding on the remote button, how crazy is this?! Ur insane funniness is turning us into addicts! Congrats guys!

  23. Erica just cannot keep up with WKUK anymore

    ohhhh mannn
    I’m dying, honestly.
    I will be so deeply depressed come fall.
    Maybe I can order it r sumsin
    it looks like a really good channel, too
    Independent Films and such things

  24. Alexis

    Oh…when is the DVD coming out?

  25. amanda

    this was a bad move.
    hardley nobody has the channel
    your guna loose alot of fans&viewers.

    however. im ordering the cahnnel JSUT BECAUSE OF U GUYS
    for 5 BUCKS a month.
    your like fuking heroine.

  26. amanda

    butt i do think its cool how you dont hav 2 beep nething out& also have no commericals&longer shows.

    do you guys know what time around your shows gunna b on yet?

  27. Trevor

    We don’t know what time the show will be on yet. The IFC channel actually get higher ratings than fuse, so we’ll be able to show the program to a lot more people which is really cool! That sucks that some people don’t get the channel – but hopefully most of the sketches will end up online as well! We’ll keep you guys posted with info as soon as it comes in! OH! And there’s no firm date on the DVD yet but it is going to come out at the same time as Season 2 starts!

  28. Cristina

    Gahhhh, I don’t have that channel and I just became addicted to your show. Gahhhhh! I’ll wait until Season 2 comes out online/on DVD, I guess. Since I’m not shelling out money for that channel. Congratulations, though!

    Also, I can’t believe IFC gets higher ratings than Fuse. Ahahaha…

  29. amanda

    really? and hardly no1 i kno had hurd of IFC but they no of FUSE.. weird..
    cant wait for the DVD
    i hope theres commentary :D


  30. Moezzy

    THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id have that channle!!! fuck it i dont even care any more

    Sorry boys u just lost ur biggest fan!

  31. Moezzy

    I waz the BIGGEST wkuk fan…… now it sux!!!!!! im pizzed

  32. Alexis

    Awesome :-).

  33. Caitlin

    That is so great! good luck guys!

  34. Amber:lover FOB &P!ATD...has no life due to loss of wkuk

    i am very happy for you guys and that the show is moving up it just really sucks bad for all us teen girls and a small amount of dudes that love wkuk because no one in me neiborhood get the channel…i even asked Mrs.Lopez if she got and she didnt (65 year old woman who is nice like to give my friends cookies and me brownies…very nice woman)but anyway……just so you know (not that you care That much)but we recounted yesterday….hard to believe 52 viewers lost…….sorry…but i still love FUSE and WKUK…..just sad,,,,

  35. Amber:lover FOB &P!ATD...has no life due to loss of wkuk

    i just realiezed how bad my grammmer was in that last post …….wow….sorry….

  36. Mykle

    I would like to extend my appreciation of your efforts on The Whitest Kids you Know. I love the European history sketch. Pure hilariousity. If you guys ever dare to get cancelled, I will thrice deny I ever knew you. None of us want that im sure, ‘cept Trevor, that crazy bastard.

    You must keep up the good fight. Or if you decide to fight the bad fight, I encourage you to do so with all your heart. Cause that’s the real American way.

    Mike. (I’m white too!)

  37. Brielle

    omg…this is going to be so awesome!
    you can say fuck and not even be bleeped!
    everything’s funnier with fuck!
    =D Yippeeee!

  38. Chloe

    TREVOR!!! I was looking for your book scraps and every site that had it said it was out of stock! I am EXTREMELY sad! I REEEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLLLY want a copy!

  39. Emily

    You’ve got to be kidding! I watch IFC more than fuse that so awesome that you guys are getting in on the uncensored world of tv, keep it going guys you rock

  40. Emily

    Do you guys watch any of the programs on IFC actually? or did you just kind of accept the offer? Independent films rule!

  41. amanda

    haha moezzy i doubt yur there biggest fan. i no alot of there ppl including me who hold WKUK pretty high in our hearts


  42. Erica just cannot keep up with WKUK anymore

    Seriously, more and more people are talking about you guys now. I was hanging out with some friends of my friend….yeah….that I had never met before and I quoted you and one of them got all excited and we quoted yoou all day.
    HAHAHAHAHA Amanda, you made me laugh when you said they’re like fucking heroin.

  43. Leah Loves Israeli Chocolate nd hot English/Irish guys and is sad to be back in the stupid USA with President douchebag idiot running things like a dumbfuck!!!! GURRR!!!

    I have it on like 2 of my tvs (they have special cable), but I never watch it. Will u guys at least have it on fuse also? I watch it more often….noone watches IFC

  44. amanda

    erica they r.. seriosuly..
    @ least it’s a healthy addiction. i cant die from it or nehting..
    @ least i dont think i can…

  45. michelle

    omg that is soo kool this is going to make tha show 10 times better cant wait!!!

  46. chelsea

    omg :( i have fuse but not IFC! this sucks!

  47. Katie

    i dont think i get that channel. shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Rebecca

    I don’t have IFC, but I’m begging my mom to order it just because she understands how obsessed I am with your show x3
    That’s how much I absolutely love you guys.
    You have no idea how happy you guys can make me with just your work alone =]
    Love you guys. Keep up the good work.
    And Please don’t ever change ^.^


  49. Jess hasn't been on here in forever

    I havee ittt. XD
    I watched Club Dread on it like the other day.



  50. amanda

    rebecca i am totally with u&no how u feel haha.

  51. Rebecca

    Haha, really?
    Thanks. That’s cool, I thought I was one of the rare ones who thought like that >.

  52. Rebecca

    Oh hey.. didn’t know that’s how you leave your Myspace link x3
    *Pokes name*

  53. naydi

    i’m not hurt that my specific question wasn’t answered or anything…

    really i’m not…

    ….not one bit….


    (had to try posting more than once – WTF????)

  54. JC Martin

    Hey guys. My friends and I are currently working on an online sketch comedy show and you guys are our main influence. Thank you very much for the countless hours of laughter that you have provided.

    p.s.- The bleeps and blurs helped make the show that much funnier, because it was awesome that you guys were saying those things on national television, and the censorship allowed the viewer to plug in the profane words themselves.

  55. Trevor

    Season 2 will also be 10 episodes. And IFC will start airing the first season uncensored as well!

  56. Pamela

    WEll…*akward silence*…I mean that’s cool…you do what you’ve gotta do.

  57. Pamela

    Are ya’ll gonna do that whole…”liveblogging” dealio…with the Season 2…or is that highly unlikely?

  58. giselle valo

    cant wait 4 season 2 to LIVEBLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. amanda

    yea i agree with pam.. r u guys guna still do live blogs?

  60. naydi

    NICE – Thanks, Trevor!

    …fish don’t fry in the kitchen…beans don’t burn on the grill…

  61. cj

    win will the second season be airing?

  62. cj

    when will the second season be airing??

  63. naydi

    …took a whole lot tryin’ just to get up that hill…

    shite… i remember now about how that asshole destroyed ever using this again

    dang it

    Fuck Nelly.
    Fuck him and all that he represents.

    (^^^you up there: don’t be mean…)

  64. amanda

    PS. the grl who said ‘wkuk sucks’ was not this amanda
    who is obsessed with them. haha :D

  65. naydi


    i hate posting so many times in a row, BUT, i just realized that the paranthetical part of yesterday morning’s wounded post could have been read as my saying WTF about not getting an answer… this wasn’t the case: the ‘WTF’ was related to the technical problem i was having while trying to put THAT post up… just wanted to clarify – the comment would have been damn rude of me if read the other way!

  66. amanda

    ”fish don‚Äôt fry in the kitchen”
    that was in a BHG song called ‘Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo’

  67. naydi

    not a fan, but i didn’t see it in any of the lyric searches i just ran… just a thrown in line at some point?

    originally, the lyric is from the theme for The Jeffersons, which was severely bastardized by Nelly, basically killing its use forever… knowing the theme (or looking it up), it’s kind of a quick hop, skip onto why it popped into my head

    singing about his teeth … fucking with The Jeffersons … that boy’s career needs to stay dead

  68. Josie

    Ya! Uncensored!

  69. fuck wkuk

    bitches can suck my dick

  70. amanda

    who is taking my name

  71. naydi

    a brave, brave soul who all should fear

  72. NightmarexPunk

    WOOT! I have IFC! I can’t wait for the 2nd season!

  73. amanda [superr fann]

    naydi, it in the video :D
    not the actaul song haha.
    & i am taking you name; ima change mine so no1 gets cunfused haha.
    my name shall now b
    amanda [superr fann]

  74. amanda [superr fann]

    if so you should join the message board for them

  75. amanda [superr fann]

    whhooo isss takking myy name

  76. naydi

    you know, you’d really think somebody’d be smart enough to delete and/or change the fake website used with each of their comments to try to throw people off from connecting everything… of course, doing so NOW for future posts would be just so pitifully obvious as to invite further laughter and shame…

    as far as the fine art of online terrorism goes; this is pathetic

    (…went back and forth on the placement of ‘pitiful’ vs ‘pathetic’…after much internal debate, i think this order works best…)

  77. twiggy

    Ah Mah Gash!


    So when does the new season actually START???

    I can not wait! I’ve been watchin the show since the first episode and i have all the episodes recorded!
    I am so excited! I can’t live without you guys!

  78. amanda [superr fann]


  79. dasha


  80. Doye

    i don’t get IFC or fuse but i do have the magic of the internet… but i wouldn’t mind getting a few (free) tapes (free) in the mail (for free)…free

  81. Brandi and Catie lovvvvves TWKUK

    Season one was amazing on fuse.
    We cant wait to see you boys,
    on season two. : ]

    Sweet DEAL

    p.s need any skits? we got ‘em

    up the whazoo

  82. Lindsey

    omg u guys friggin kick it like no other motha i luv all ur skits ahaha trevor… nice hair lol ok peace

  83. Shaun

    For DISH Network people, IFC is on 131.

  84. amanda [superr fann]

    lol.. uhh

    i guess im jsut that cool lol :D


  85. Sam

    Man, that’s great. IFC is a pretty respectable channel, although FUSE was cool in airing your shows a lot. The non censorship is great.

  86. Chris S.

    ok, I’m going to say the same thing as about half of the other people here: darn! I don’t get the IFC, I’ll have to start subscribing right around season 2 (is there any way to let them know that they are getting my cash because of you?).

    The other thing I’ll say is that you HAVE to (you must … you have no choice) work out some sort of cross promotion with the R. Kelly thing, maybe a collaborative episode of one of your shows? Maybe just a series of commercials, but THERE MUST BE interaction with R. Kelly. Make it happen, kids!

    Oh, and congrats!

  87. steve oh

    it’s maybe 5 or 6 dollars more a month to get ifc if you don’t have it. quit being cheap and shell out your spare change to support and watch the greatest comedy troop since the 90′s.

  88. ally

    dammit, dammit, dammit!!!! i don’t get the damn channel!! :…(
    oh well, you guys are freakin awesome and its a great move for you (but not for me , dammit!!!)
    ahhhhhh! :O

  89. Jesus Jones

    Frankly the IFC Network has always been my one stop shop for the most interesting movies and programs around…why I just watched one last night about 17th Century Porn Director Jaque Le Flamubeau and his rise to stardom in England at the time. I highly recommend it. 7 hours 32 minutes color. Rated G. But yes, I look forward to Trevor breaking these extreme attention holding programs with his humor. Thank you sirs.

  90. Lee

    This is like a dream come true!!!!!! I don’t get Fuse, so I’ve been watching all ur sketches on Youtube and they are like WOAH HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  91. Josie

    Dude you guys that are like all “screw wkuk they suck” well if you have the energy to get on this board you can go on youtube and watch season two! And seriously these guys ROCK! And for those with direcTV IFC is channel 550

  92. Josie

    Fuse is lame they lost there only good show since it was origanlly Much Music WKUK is to good for fuse! Hope ya the best of luck with IFC

  93. STEPH

    I have to agree with Josie. The Fuse was definitely “put out” after they lost WKUK.

  94. Jesus Jones

    well Muchmusic was a Canadian channel, and what with the extreme explosion of bestiality pornography over there, they changed their name too the DOGGIE STYLE network,, sold the company to Fuse, and quit playing old Black Eyed Peads videos before Fergie joined and nobody cared cause or whatever didnt have a nice enough ass. So Fuse needed WKUK to spice it up, but they lost them, cause rumor is Jim Beadierman started killing Steven’s house pets from that dumbass Steven’s Untitled Cock Show or whatever, and they got kicked off the network. GOOD JOB JIM.

  95. STEPH

    i hope thats a joke

  96. naydi

    hmmmm – well, ironically, among things learned in the bahamas:

    Canada Needs Biscuits.

    there exists a major conspiracy keeping them away from these people. even the fucking KFC is involved. ohio dawn will be coordinating the niagra falls drop-delivery of CARE packages, whilst I work with canuck beth on hammering out the details of the upcoming million biscuit march. our new orleans* friends -sickened by the shame of it all- have promised to do whatever they can in support. this will, of course, include providing the sausage and gravy. more info to come…




    * we will be addressing new orleans’ equally shocking lack of available veal at a later date

  97. mandur[amanda]

    jesus jones u ahv 2 much tym on ya hands lol

  98. Josie

    Yay People argee with me also those people that say WKUK sucks can go fuck them selfs side ways! Wkuk Rox Damn Straight!

  99. Mozart282

    Crap unsencered my parents will kill me….(then again they don’t even know i get up at 2 in the morning to watch the show and mess around well everyones asleep)

  100. Mozart282

    I didn’t think was one but there is one tiny itsy bitsy thing about wkuk the show that i don’t like is that they cuss i feel like this alarm goes of in my head every time they cuss……my parents taught me to well im not allowed to… :-+ i hope u troupe still accept me as a freind?

  101. c-to tha-aitlin!

    YESSSSS!!! I don’t have to watch retarded FUSE anymore. I mean I love the music and stuff, the reception on my DVR thing is crap whenever I actually watch anything on there.

  102. Andrew

    yes omg i cant wait, i like fuse but frankly their pussies

  103. Foot Doctor

    I hate you Trevor :(

    I don’t get IFC… Only IFC on Demand

  104. Mozart282

    Hey don’t be soo mean to Trev!Just ask ur parents to switch cable to Direct tv

    „É°„ÉɄǪ„ɺ„Ç?„ÇÑÊãõÂæÖ„ÅÆË°®Á§?„Å®ÂâäÈô§ TrevorSan!„ÄÅ„Ç?„É°„É?„Éà„ÇÑÂãïÁɨ„Ç?„Éù„É?„Ç?„ÅÆ

  105. Josie

    Dude im not meaning to sound like a hippie or anything but there is so much hate on this blog it’s like you all do got the sense to go on you tube to watch the show the more i read this board the more hate there is on it but to all that still like the show rock on! because you can’t stop comedy

  106. Mozart282

    U do kinda sound like a hippie lol) but i agree (Kidding)

  107. naydi

    youtube – that right there is a good enough reason to stop the harsh, manipulative comments…

    for how many other shows/forms of entertainment can you piece together whole episodes, whenever you want, For Free, without the risk of downloading spyware, adware and/or other viruses – knowing full well that its not all going to be disappearing on you tomorrow due to an imposed “License Violation”(or whatever term they use)??? now might be a good time for the more ‘hateful’ folk to begin accepting that the world doesn’t owe them EVERYTHING that they want…

  108. Mozart282

    Ya i don’t really do the supposed h8 i just like to joke in some fun ways and somtimes i make it funny cuz its stupid

  109. Josie

    Yay im happy my hippie like style is good and you can always thing on youtube i think for once in my live i make sense omg!(kidding)

  110. Trish Rated R For Revenge

    Thank Jesus I get that channel, or else I would die.
    You guys fucking rock!!

    xoxo t.

  111. Foot Doctor

    Switch to DirectTV? Then what? It rains and I can’t watch anything. I hate satellite TV.

    Trevor, I just saw the Sam in a Bag thing and it #^@%ing creeped me out. Not the sketch, but the interview. You’re crazy funny, but that’s still #^&*ing creepy.

  112. Josie

    Dude i have direcTV and it never or hardly goes out cuz we have it mounted on our house

  113. Josie

    IFC rox i watched it one day and i was hooked

  114. naydi

    unless their parents need to bitch-slapped back to reality, most kids won’t be able to force somebody into allowing holes to be drilled through walls, having paid to have a device that wasn’t otherwise wanted bolted onto the house just so they can watch ONE tv show…

    yooooutuuuuuube. it’s free. and it likes you.

  115. Josie

    I agree but I made my parents get directv with my mind control lol(just kidding)

  116. Josie

    well w\ directv there is….well not much stupid idea sorry!

  117. naydi

    that’s, like, the 3rd time you’ve insulted yourself and apologized unnecessarily; give yourself a break, girl*!!! ;-}

    [that other exchange: just turn and walk away from the bait....]

  118. naydi

    *oop! that was supposed to read “unless their parents need to BE bitch-slapped…)*

  119. Josie

    well the reason i always apolgize is because i dont want everyone on here to some reason hate me but…. If this bitch ass girl named Jamie Blake(

  120. Josie

    WTF my mesage got cut off

  121. Josie

    Jamie blake is from C’ville any way That’s the only reason i apolgize so much because I don’t like being hated by people

  122. Josie

    But there is a good reason for the preps @ Henley to hate me Milk on popular girl’s head OoO Revenge feels so good

  123. naydi

    hmmm – perhaps the next time someone in the organization dares attempt to put my license in jeopardy via unsafe staffing, i’ll add hot coffee to the protest repertoire…

    ..nevermind that any argument offered me would have already been futile…

  124. naydi

    …take a fire hose to the mailman next time he’s late…

  125. Josie

    ok he is already 15 minutes late that ho Just kidding

  126. naydi

    drowned in his own incompetence

    managed to get the night off… didn’t quite make sense, coming in for ONE 12-hour shift smack in the middle of an otherwise clear Monday to Monday scheduling span… not at all opposed to “working”, but that’s just plain silly

  127. Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article BIG NEWS: WHITEST KIDS MOVE TO IFC!!!, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  128. Josie

    Umm… Daniel if this helps you the cable channels are 130 for Dish network and 550 for DirecTV

  129. alexis

    no way i’m paying to get IFC. this sucksss

  130. lauren

    yaaaayyy! omg i can’t wait. i love all of you guys so much.

  131. Sarah

    i can’t wait!
    i looove wkuk!
    all of you are so hilarious!
    [and i would totally boink Trevor, lmao]
    oh, and does anyone know what channel IFC is for charter digital cable?

  132. wayno

    DUDE FUCK YEAH!!!! i cant wait!! i have ifc so this rules. until season 2 is out, ill just keep pmsl watchin the first season on fuse. il cya guys l8r and timmyrobot kicks ass!!!

  133. ian

    if you dont get IFC, switch to DirecTV. its bundled with the choice package.

  134. Garrett

    i really hope i have IFC
    it’s gonna suck if i dont..

  135. samantha b-low

    ok sooo i just stared watching WKUK and im so addicted when did the 2nd season start? has it stared? someone post it for me please……pretty please?
    thank you, samantha ♥

  136. naydi

    clicky – then check out the ‘FAQ’ post toward the top right… ;}

  137. Taylor


    the show is orgasmic already, i can’t even begin to imagine what it will be like longer and uncensored.

    i love you guys.

  138. China

    Oh FUCK! I don’t get IFC!!!

    That blows. >XO

    Oh well, I LOVE you guys, can’t wait ’til season two comes out on DVD so I can still watch the new season.

  139. Tom

    I didn’t get Fuse and I don’t get IFC. Oh well, as long as the episodes keep showing up on the internet.

    Seriously, you guys need to put out a DVD or something so I can give you some of my hard-earned cash.

  140. larry fine

    a friend just told me about this and he’s known since july! (sweet sweet on moving to ifc!)

  141. Zachman

    HELL YEAH I FUCKING LOVE YOUR SHOW, can’t wait tell the second season, oh and Zach……your my favorite…..cuz my name is zach to….use my nickname Zachman ifyou want cuz its awsome!!!1

  142. Louis

    i can’t wait for the new season. please hurry

  143. Kyle Spencer

    AWESOME, i friken love u guys, but hey, i have fuse, but i have no idea what IFC is…if anyone here knows what channel it is for Direct T.V. plz tell me, that would be great, contact me directly at
    thx, and im looking forward to the new season

  144. Kyle Spencer

    =] plz

  145. Teabags


    IFC is rolling out season 1 UNCENSORED and UNCUT starting November 13 as a daily roll out. A sketch a day!

    Season 2 premieres on IFC Sunday, February 10.

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!
    Nice job, KIDS!

  146. igniceara

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  147. Alexia Witt

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  148. Joshua Jeffs

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